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assembly your best "fantasy" rpg team


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Ooh, ima big D&D nerd, this should be fun

Ivara as the rogue/specialist. Picking locks, getting sneak attack bonuses on flanked targets, stealing, bow play. Totally sneaky rogue. Maybe Ranger but, Rangers don't steal 

Harrow as the Cleric/divine spell caster. Would heal the party, buff the party with energy and crit chance, just uhh, "defensive spell casting" type things. 

Revenant as the Warlock/Arcane spell caster. His 4 is like an Eldritch Disco Blast. 

Baruuk as the Monk/tank/primary melee combatant. Because Monks are actually badasses in D&D and can punch holes in people 

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9 minutes ago, BansheePrime said:

Thief... not bard?

Guessing Octavia would be Bard.


Would OP's count as Sorcerers or Warlocks? I suppose it somewhat varies based on whether you interpret Wally as a separate entity or a figment of the players void-altered consciousness.

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I like this ! Let me try...

Valkyr : the Barbarian/Berserker, the one that jump first in the battle will screaming incoherent things like "LEROOOOY"...

Nova : the Sorceress with powerfull powers, and occasionaly the brain of the team when brute force doesn't work for some reason.

Ivara : the Ranger. Who is totally not a Thief, don't listen to the bad mouths.

Khora : the Druid/Summoner, always fighting along her two fabled beasts, a Kavat and a Kubrow : "Venari", the mighy, sublime, and legendary orokin kavat, and "H0T DawG", the other one.

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Excalibur - Damage focused fighter, defacto leader of the party.

Rhinio - Defense focused fighter. Doesn't do much in social situations.

Oberon - Nature themed cleric. Wants to go melee, forced to just heal.

Saryn - Overly theme dedicated wizard. Insists they can go melee too.

Loki - Rogue. Regularly seems to have abandoned the party mid fight, always claims he was doing something clever to save the day.

Octavia - Bard. Rolls to seduce.


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Inaros - The backbone tank, saves the day but horrifies his friends on the fact that he eats their enemies.

Garuda - The highly efficient killer, that causes everyone to do laundry afterwards.

Harrow - Brings salvation and pain, but wont stop talking about his cult, I mean religion.

Baruuk - The pacifist, always found surrounded by corpses but no one believes he did it.

Atlas - The lockpick, knows if his fist cant open it, nothing can.

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