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How Do You Level Up A Sentinel?


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It acrues xp like anything else, but if it dies it gets nothing at the end of the mission. Infested missions are the best for Sentinel leveling because they almost never die.


Yah i did infested let it kill things with its weapon and weapon leveled up 5 times sentinel XP did not budge.  Is this a bug maybe?

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Sentinel Experience

Experience gained by Sentinels functions in a similar way to Warframe and weapons. Sentinels will gain experience from the following sources:

    Precept kills (50% to Sentinel, 50% to your Warframe)
    Precept uses (100% to Sentinel, sometimes, but not always, indicated by a XXX Power pop-up when a precept is used)
    Your weapon kills (~22% to Sentinel[1])
    Ally kills (X% to Sentinel?[1])

[1] this experience is not taken away from what your Warframe and weapons would normally gain from kills, but is simply 'extra' experience.

Sentinels will not gain experience from the following sources:

    Sentinel weapon kills (X% to Sentinel weapon, X% to your Warframe)
    Your Warframe ability kills (100% to your Warframe)

(needs further testing to determine what percentage of the experience the Sentinel gets)

It seems that Sentinels will not keep any experience gained during a mission if they die and are not revived (whether by Regen or by reviving with a player) by extraction. (further testing is required)

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Funny thing is that my Shade was lvl 30 in no time. My Carrier, Wyrm and Cube are taking WAY longer. Shade never had the attack precept on tho, so I am thinking about taking them off the other sentinels to see if they lvl a tad faster by just using their skills. And staying alive, obviously.

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