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Melee and sprinting dont feel good and other stuff


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First off sprinting is currently completely meaningless, it is to slow compared to normal running and obviously bulletjumping, plus it doesnt "feel" like sprinting.

Solution: while sprintng you now automatcally start accelerating forward and can only change direction with you camera but at a slower rate similar to "gauss" first ability but slower. every warframe has the same base sprint speed ( can be modded) but the acceleration differs ( rhino, atlas are slower etc.) maybe you could add a "momentum meter" where the more speed you builded up on the ground, the further you can then bullet jump and so on. Hard landings would remove all meter for example.


Melee on the other hand is more complicated. Currently the only really fun thing is spamming slam attacks and slide attacks ( which feel really good) The enemies should be more interesting to fight in melee, but that wont happed anytime soon i guess. Then i asked myself "why is spamming Atlas Landslide so incredible fun and satisfying?" 

One reason is because of the target lock. You aim at an enemy and than always reliably dash at the enemy, especially really useful aganist air units( how many times i wanted to slide attack to an enemy and then just went through him). Also all the animation are clear, fast enough, without unneccesary flipps or long animatiions that cant be stopped

Blocking should be brought back. And now if you press block while aiming at an enemy you will target lock him. So if you want to do a bullet jump air attack you will hit the enemy and move towards him. especially useful on console because there aiming is much harder...while in melee mode, rolling will be replaced by short quick dashes (or just replace it completely or at least reduce the roll distance which is ridiculously high right now) if you press "ASD" + attack button you will switch to a nearby enemy.

Also finishers should be more rewarding, like a guaranteed health and energy orb drop, and can now only be used if they would kill ( will then then be marked somehow on top of the enemy) . Since they are so slow  compared to other methods of killing , at least they should be more fun to use.

To be honest melee needs to be made more into a system where there are more indipendant attacks that you can chain together ( like now slam and slide for example)  similar to a game called "Absolver", but of course adjusted to the more faster hack and slay nature of warframe. every attack should be cancelable and have a  "hitstun"  so that it feels better.  you could add "attack mods" that could be equipped in slots with unique button conbinations to perform them...probably they have to be farmed...on xbox you could cast 4 of them with the right analog stick while in melee mode since the camera is locked....on PC there is always a way...Then of course defense should be more important at higher level, where sometimes its better if you dodge or parry a melee attack, which then is maybe rewarded. I think the game "redeemer" did a good job with this. The melee system there is simple, but feels really satisfying chaining kicks and punches together, performing finisher and ,most important, charge attacks ( which dont feel good n warframe).  Well in the end i dont think this wll happen, but i wished, that melee would be more than "just mindless aoe slide attack with 1000 range". Even if it klills a bit slower, isnt fun more important than farming faster?


Then last but not least wall latching should be performed by crouching at a wall, since then you can avoid the S#&$ty zoom of aim.  In my opinion aiming and gliding should be separated. if you go inside a dojo and start parkouring around, you will feel the difference. Now gliding is mapped on the jump button. Double jump is removed. If you tap jump you will jump like now, if you Hold the jump you will perform a big jump similar to the current double jump. Jumping again will then make you glide. This could be a problem for console players that have mapped jumping on "A" or "X" since then it would feel a bit clunky. I personally play on PC but have tried wth a controller and there jump is on "RB"  crouching "LB". it feels more natural  since you dont have to remove the thumb from the stick when jumping.

Alternatvely just make "RT" while in melee mode blocking and gliding without zoom like before the melee 2.99..update. "LT" is then always instant switching to gun like now(wich feels good), while in my case "X" button is melee attack and switch to melee. switching between primary and secondary and reload can also be moved together. holding will  perform switch, while tapping will reload.


Just some thoughts that came into my mind..






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2 hours ago, chickenboyPrime said:

First off sprinting is currently completely meaningless, it is to slow compared to normal running and obviously bulletjumping, plus it doesnt "feel" like sprinting.

First of all it is not sprinting, but running. It does not have any stamina or anything, you can keep running through whole mission.

Also it totally does feel like it if you have proper mods/buffs. I have a speed Loki with ~2,5 sprint speed.

Your idea has already been used in eg. Mirror's Edge.


Melee will be changed to directional soon.


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