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Kestrel and other glaives bug


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Kestrel is a unique case, bcos its the only glaive like weapon to have a syndicate augment called Entropy flight which has a Syndicate AoE. 

If you happen to only equip a secondary and a Kestrel, while dual wielding it, it will not recognise you being in melee mode, so the syndicate AoE from the augment wont active, the only way to make it active, is if you press switch weapon, this will change you into unarmed state bcos you didnt equip a primary.

Being in unarmed state, the syndicate AoE is active but your melee state is inactive, this applies to all kinds of glaive weapons, so it doesnt show you the weapon's rank or the name of your melee or the stance youre using, and it disable your pause combo as well as your melee channeling. 

We need it fixed. 

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