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Bad channel! wrong channel!


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google translate

For 3 years I read in the game chat: recruitment is next (not in channel region)!
Since time no Dev has redesigned the ergonomics and intuitiveness of the chat?

reverso translate

For 3 years I read in the game chat: recruitment is next door (or not in channel region)!
Since time no Dev has rethought the ergonomics and intuitiveness of the chat?


Depuis 3 ans je lis dans le tchat de jeu: recrutement c'est à côté (soit pas en canal région)!

Depuis le temps aucun Dev n'a repensé l'ergonomie et l'intuitivité du tchat?

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il y a 26 minutes, WhiteMarker a dit :

So why aren't you posting in the French section of the forum, if you don't speak English?

Because the Community Managers and devs do not read the french subforums, neither 97% of the playerbase: if they want a feedback to have some weight, they must post here at some point ;)

To be on-topic, I agree that this is a recurrent problem.

The old chat was way better in terms of readability (when we could actually read Region/Recruitment/Trading). The new interface is a nightmare.

Maybe that text should be reintroduced, and "PMs" set as a new tab, where all the private conversations would take place (we'd see the name of the persons in the right frame of the chat, as a list, and if we select that name, it loads our PMs with him/her in this tab.)

This way, we would have a max tabs of 8: (Instance) | Clan | (Alliance) | ((Design Council)) | Discussion | Recruitment | Trading | PMs


I also think that the main problem of many people trying to post wrongly in "Region" is that it's the default tab and we are connected to it right from the start. I suggest:

- not to connect us to the chat when we log into the game/come back to the orbiter (less charge for your server chat, less mistakes from the player, less annoying conversations about who is the strongest pokemon popping up on our UI breaking our immersion, less annoying people trying to PM you/stalking you when you just arrive in game, less people arguing "but there is none in Recruitment" because there are tons of inactive players in Region).

- do it "on demand" when we click on the chat or use the "T" key (or button for consoles).

- when doing so, make it so that we must choose which channel we want to post our message in. This will prevent a lot of people posting by mistake in the wrong channel (this step happens only when we connect to the chat, not each time we will post in chat/change channels once we are connected to the chat server).


These logics should fix a lot of problems with the current chat UI and people misusing it. At least, I think so.

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