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[Question] Mastery Experience


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I've been playing a month or so now, and I'm beginning to get the hang of the game.


The more I play the more people I get to meet and talk to. One guy told me to get your mastery exp. you have to level up all the things that could level up to 30, by clicking your name you go to your profile and you can see a list of all the  "things" you've leveled up to 30.


One of the things I didn't know is the tests that is needed to be done to get your level up, with my mastery exp already full. I had no idea. I'm pretty sure I've maxed out atleast 2 or 3 things to level 30 without knowing this.


Was the experience I gained from those weapons lost, how do I get it back again?

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The player will enter the trial equipped with whatever equipment is currently active in the arsenal. The player cannot be in a party when testing meaning he or she must complete the trial alone. If the test is failed, the player will not be allowed to try again for 24 hours. Mastery points are still gained for later levels, even while maxed out for current level and having failed the test; these points simply go towards the next immediate mastery rank.






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no. you do not lose your mrp by failing or not taking the tests.

Ahh sorry, I didn't mean when I take the test. I didn't eve know that there was a test in the first place.


What I was getting at was that I had full mastery exp (Which means I could go for a test) But I didn't know this and I kept playing anyways and leveled up other items.


The exp. I got from leveling up my weapons while my mastery experience was already full, lost?





EDIT: If a mod is around, would you mind moving this thread to Community > PHP

If not I'll start a new thread there and you can close this one out.

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Its not lost. If your mastery bar is full any gained mastery overlaps into the next mastery lvl.


Example: I played for 700 hours never did any mastery test. I did mastery test 1-10 back to back all in one seting. Now im mastery lvl 10 with a bar thats 3/4 full.

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