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What Warframe is special to you?


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Octavia. I bought her early on when I realized she was music themed. I was a band kid when I was younger and her Majorette look was the icing on the cake. 

I felt awesome running around with my friends and on my own, and she is still my most played Frame to this day. 

I even got her Tenora and Pandero to use with her. 

I love her ❤️

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Nidus keeps me going, when my friend got me into Warframe he suggested I look though all the frames and see if there's one that really sounded like it'd fit my style both from a gameplay and aesthetic perspective. Being really into horror movies and science fiction I was leaning towards Nekros but then I found Nidus, I love zombies movies and creepy monsters and the infested theme just struck that chord with me. Of course my friend was unhappy to tell me that Nidus was one of the frames I'd have to wait until I got pretty far into the game to even grind for so he wound up gifting him to me and I've been in love ever since. (though I did switch to PC from Xbox so I had to start over and reobtain him) Now I'm super excited because tonight I get to finish off my Nightwave and get all those cool cosmetics.

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Limbo prime, it was the first prime frame i have. I rush to Mr8 just to get him

Revenant because i love sentient and eidolon (also i bough limbo limina skin)

Then, the one that captivated my heart, Garuda. Her gameplayb is too fun that i use umbral forma to her kit

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On 2019-08-16 at 2:00 PM, Blexander said:

Ember. Back when my friend got me into the game, which was maybe 4-5 years ago, after playing for a view hours and got the movement and gunplay down, I went to the codex to see what I can get. I saw her there, and immediately went "I want her. Where to we get her?". And we did, and i loved how she played.

This is pretty much my Warframe story too. I loved Ember since the moment I laid eyes on her, and my friend farmed up the Prime just for me, and I’ve been using her the most ever since. Sure I know she’s cheap at low levels and garbage at higher ones, but she just feels fun to me, and kind of became “my frame” with a hot pink paint job.

And I started long after the nerf came through

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Nidus is my most played. I keep coming back to him everyday.

He was my first frame and i completed all content using him.

He is, in my subjective opinion, the best frame in the game.

High level survival? No problem.

Defence? No problem.

Arbitration? No problem.

Interception? No problem.




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My Main frame is Ash because;


·        I love the concept of teleporting from place to place by vision of memory and using it in combat. (tomorrow people, jumper, shadow the hedgehog)

·        I play solo a lot and his kit fit that type of playstyle.

·        Visually, he keeps getting better. (ash, ash prime, koga ash)

·        I like projectile abilities and he is the 1st character where I experienced playing an invisible character.

·        I like playing stealthy and I like dealing damage.

·        You can play him to either sneak up on enemies without being seen or just cut them down and don’t give a frig.

·        He was my 1st prime warframe where a got all his parts myself.

·        I play him the most. (19% of the time)

·        He looks sick in a cape.

·        No matter what helmet or skin combinations you use he will still look good.

·        He has visually upgrade from a ninja to a samurai (ash prime)

·        Using bows, the twin vipers and okina (duel daggers) really suits him.

·        Red and black makes him look sick.

·        He is a ninja enough said.

·        I never get board of playing him.


I still like him even through…

·        Ash primes helmet looks like pinocchio was telling lies so he hid his head in a bucket in shame. (which is ugly)

·        He`s not good for most content in the game.

·        His bladestorm is absolutely sloooow (when it comes to activation speed) and worse than before.

·        His abilities are underwhelming compared to other older re-visited warframes

·        He needs a re-visit (DE should go back to him imo)

·        His teleporting ability has potential but not yet realised.

·        Ash is one of the least used warframes of 2018

·        People don`t like him anymore (even in this post)



If you want to looks at my idea of a good re-visit, here is the link.



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On 2019-08-16 at 2:39 PM, Loza03 said:

Excal was my first, so he obviously has a special place for me. He was also the one I used through the cinematic quests - he broke War for me, infiltrated the Queen's fortress for me and helped me go toe-to-toe with Excalibur Umbra.


However, my main love is Limbo. My master of the rift. I felt drawn to him ever since I looked him up on the Wiki, and acquiring him was one of my early goals. I'm not entirely sure why he's so special to me, honestly. I just really associate with him. I also enjoy his playstyle a lot though - manipulating enemies, the environment... it's a lot of fun.

Let me ask you this, how much range do you have on your limbo

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51 minutes ago, (PS4)tissot555 said:

Let me ask you this, how much range do you have on your limbo

I do have + range, but not max (145%, stretch basically). About half the size of a max-range build. About the size of an interception tower.

I generally solo as well, only pubbing for relics most of the time. I usually play Interception during that, and aim to stasis a tower that sees middling attention - enough that leaving it unguarded isn't an option, but not so much that it's the primary battleground. I'll only drop it on the most active spot (such as D on the void map) if it's getting more attention than the team can handle.

Otherwise, I primarily utilise his rift-walk to revive and move around unimpeded when pubbing to get into position and deal with incoming threats.

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When I started playing last year Limbo was the frame I was aiming for from the start, both he and his abilities looked really cool, and as I started Warframe with the intention of soloing forever best suited to my playstyle.  Didn't disappoint, but started to realise grouping wasn't so bad, and used him less and less.  Still love taking him for a spin now and then, his abilities are still the most unique.

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Tough one for me, it's between Nova and Banshee.
Nova, when I 1st started playing Nova Prime access was out and after just 2 days of playing I decided that DE deserved a pat on the back and grabbed both the access and accesories pack, been a staple of my play since.

Banshee however is my favourite, she is my playstyle. Give me Banshee and a Sybaris and I'm happy.

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