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Odomedic mod does not work, here's why


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The mod at maxed rank says you get a healing stack every 3m travelled from wall running. From testing my observations are as follows (*Not accurate, but will be explained later)

  1. You dont have to wall run as a simple jump wall jump is sufficient
  2. A single wall jump activates it but travelling the 10ish meters will trigger 0 stacks*
  3. Bullet jumping does not trigger any stacks**
  4. single wall jump + double jump after and/or roll =  1 or 2 stacks sometimes*
  5. Aim gliding for more distance will guarantee you 0 stacks***
  6. Warframe abilties such as valkyr's rip line and zephyr's tail wind can be casted after wall jump to gain stacks
  7. The aforementioned abilities can be recasted to gain even more stacks as long as you dont touch the ground
  8. The distance traveled horizontally counts, but vertical distances do not. Going forward and back down count

What is actually happening? Lets explain the "*" points.

*: It turns out, the mod is triggered for EVERY 30 meters. THIRTY METERS, not THREE not THIRTEEN, thirty! It is cumulative, so eventually those 10ish meters you collected will add to 30m.

**: Bullet jumping actually does something weird. You can still get stacks if your bullet jump without aim glide*** and it travels 30m, except it is a fresh 30m. Bullet jump resets the previous accumulated distance. If you bullet jump with Proton Pulse which grants you a super bullet jump, you can easily travel 90m immediately after the jump to get 3 stacks as proton pulse typically grants you a 100m bullet jump.

***: Aim glide does not reset cumulative distances like bullet jumps** do. They do however prevent you from accumulating distance as distance gained during glide is not counted.

Conclusion: You're not going to get any stacks in a normal mission because your bullet jumps are resetting it and aim glide distances dont count.

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