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Looking for clan - for the disabled


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Hello all,

I'd like to find a group of folks to play with on PC who are also disabled.  I'm legally blind (Ocular Albinism), even with the UI elements set as large as they go on a big TV right in front of me, I can't see everything.  The big UI can obscure things I need to see, so it's not a completely good solution.  I'm enjoying the game, but I'm not able to keep up with normally sighted players.  If such a group does not yet exist, a few of us should form our own.  My name in the game is "cavemsn" was supposed to be caveman, but I made a mistake because I could not see what I was typing well enough.  I'll change that someday.

Warframe has a reputation of being a very nice bunch of folks, I'm so glad to have found you!

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7 minutes ago, Cavemsn said:

I'll change that someday.

You might be able to get Support to do that. It costs plat to change your name, and if it’s just to fix a typo they might be understanding.


I have not come across such a clan in this game so far. 

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