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More damage for air melee attacks based on your momentum?


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I think it would be cool if there was some type of damage multiplier that factored in how fast you're moving when you do an air melee attack. I use to have a build I would use for doing a bullet jump to an air attack and it would do pretty good damage if I connected. I always thought it would make more sense if I did more damage based on my current speed. It's been awhile since I used that build, but I started thinking about it again after seeing Gauss. 

Bullet jumping to air attacks were always cool to me because they've always been the best way in the game to aim an attack in any direction. It's how I would use melee to destroy Eidolon limbs consistently and its also good for airborne enemies like Raptors. 

Anyways, would anybody else be interested in this? I would even be down for a mod that does this. There are many mods and Arcanes that effect movement speed and parkour velocity in some way and I think people could do some cool builds based around doing fast melee air attacks.

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