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Solo Extraction intermittently working when extracting from team Excavation.


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Sometimes works, sometimes does not. 
-Was max range Khora.
-Default kitty with smeeta kitty friend.
-Unknown number of buffs in play - I didn't look.
-MAY have used operator dash to enter extraction - I don't remember. I use it a lot though.
-Was lith fissure on Earth.
-I had no relic selected.
-Team had relics selected.
-20/200 cryotic mined.
-No excavator was finishing/in play during relic opening.
-No excavator was spawned when I was sitting in extract.
-Team had not spawned an excavator for the duration of extraction timer... I do not know why they didn't spawn one for a full minute, but if that data is useful, hurray!
-Extraction timer did show up, and counted down, and disappeared at 0 appropriately.
-Re-entering the zone to trigger a new timer worked to extract. Had to wait the full 60 seconds again.

  • Foo Fighters was playing while writing this bug report. This is the most pertinent information in this post, and should be, on its own, more than enough to solve this bug and world peace. Thanks for reading!


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