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Equilibrium Mechanics?



Is someone able to explain the mechanics of this mod in full?


I tested it out for the first time today ( unnranked ) on my Saryn. I wanted to do a Rage/Vitality/Equilibrium combo to max out her getting more energy back for powers ( Physique Aura ). I dropped into my game with a Trinity and started getting energy crazy-fast ( Kril assassination ). Couldn't tell if I was being healed by her or not during the boss fight due to lighting effects ( cryo failure ), but I was completely sure I wasn't picking up any energy/health orbs due to being dropped in the mission during the Kril fight.


Any help would be great on the mechanics. That's all I know about it so far. The wiki page doesn't say much.

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As I understand it, for every health orb you pick up, you get a small quantity of energy also (prolly only relfected in your energy numbers, rather than as a visible orb you would see in-game.)  Vice versa, for any energy orb you pick up, you would likewise receive a small quantity of health, only visible if you were able to view your actual health numbers in-game. 


The amount of energy or health you get with each pick-up would vary depending on how high you have the mod levelled, and as PSnake said, if you're full on health, you won't pick up any health orbs, and therefore can't get any additional energy as you would if you could pick up health orbs.

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I know it says "orb" but I'm just confused as to how I started gaining tons and tons of energy once I dropped into the mission. It was anywhere from 10 - 30 at a time, not due to lag or anything like that. It wasn't often that this happened, too.


I'm just assuming that the Trinity had Well of Life on Kril at the time, so when I hit him, bam, energy, but it also only happened when Kril hit me.


I don't know if WoL stuns him or not.

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