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Game Freeze/Crash when Void Blast Sentient


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Crash Number:

Experienced Behavior:
I experienced a game freeze when attempting to Void Blast a Battalyst in the Simulcrum.
This happened repeatedly, although sometimes after a couple successful blasts, and happened to the host when I attempted to do the same thing in my friend's Simulcrum.

Expected Behavior: 
The game should not freeze.  

What I think caused the bug:
I had just equipped Magus Overload, and was attempting to trigger its effects on sentients.
I think it's possible that Naramon's Disorienting Blast setting a cc state was conflicting with Overload's stun when proc'd simultaneously. Given Disorienting Blast has a 50% chance to proc, that would explain the inconsistant nature of the bug. 

My operator loadout:
Magus Overload, Magus Repair
777 (Klamora, Propa, Certus) amp with Virtuos Shadow
Maxed Naramon Focus tree with all nodes activated, including waybound passives.


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