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Similar Looking Weapons


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yeah, there's sets, though some seem incomplete:

panthera, (?), gunsen

boltor, (ak)bolto, boltace

sybaris, zylok, dakra(?)

battacor, ocucor, kreska (they come as a pack)

the arca triad.

tigris, akjagara, redeemer

zhuge, spira/zakti, guandao


zarr, twin rogga, kesheg


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Gara and her weapons, Astilla / Fusilai / Volnus, come to mind.

Same for Khora with Hystrix and Dual Keres.

Amphis and Quatz.

Quartakk and Stubba.

Zenith / Azima / Zenistar.

Simulor / Gammacor / Heliocor.

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1 hour ago, NinjaZeku said:

Simulor / Gammacor / Heliocor.

By extension this implies that all the other syndicate weapons (inferring from that Suda offers the same weapons in her own variant), it means that there are also these following sets:

Penta/(Dual) Cestra/Lecta
Tigris/Castañas/(what was it again?)
Cernos/Ballistica/Dark Dagger (and/or Dark Split-Sword)

though, tbh, most of these groupings don't make sense (since tigris already has its own set it belongs to). Suda and Hexis seem to have the only consistent sets.

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There are also:

soma/aksomati/dual raza/kaszas/phaedra,




warframe-themed weapon packs that share the style of the warframe like


euphona prime/banshee prime,





There are also weapons that share style with armor

sybaris/zylok/furis/avia set

arca weapons/armor set

ferrox/ohma/quaro set

dex weapons/syandana/skin

zakti/guandao/mozi syandana

baza/cassowar/syrinx armor set

staticor/porta armor set

war/broken war/pakal armor set


Maybe there are more, I'm just tired of remembering them

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Mixed up Corpus sets a bit
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Thanks everyone, heres the tl;dr version:


Arca Plasmor / Arca Scisco / Arca Titron

Astilla / Fusilai / Volnus

Battacor / Ocucor / Kreska

Boltor / Akbolto / Boltace

Braton / Aklato  / Dual Skana

Dread / Despair / Hate

Exergis / Plinx / Galvacord

Hek / Marelok / Sydon

Paris / Kunai / Anku

Penta / Dual Cestra / Lecta

Rubico / Talons / Lacera

Simulor / Gammacor / Heliocor

Soma / Aksomati / Dual Raza

Tigris / Akjagara / Redeemer

Zarr / Twin Rogga / Kesheg

Zenith / Azima / Zenistar

(?) / Embolist / Caustacyst

(?) / Hystrix / Dual Keres

(?) / Quatz / Amphis

(?) / Zakti / Guandao

Baza / (?) / Cassowar

Ferrox / (?) / Ohma

Panthera / (?) / Gunsen

Phantasma / (?) / Tatsu

Acceltra / Akarius / (?)

Burston / Sicarus / (?)

Convectrix / Sonicor / (?)

Komorex / Cyanex / (?)

Quartakk / Stubba / (?)

Scourge / Knell / (?)

Sybaris / Afuris / (?)

Tenora / Pandero / (?)

Tonkor / Twin Vipers / (?)


I'll try to update this when new weapons are added.

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I really never considered Vipers and Tonkor being a part of a set, but now when I look at them, there is really astounding similarity between them.

I've looked some more for such 'unofficial' weapin sets and found these:

Gorgon and Kraken also have a similarity and probably share it with Miter to an extent.

Also we have a semi-official Flux Rifle/Spectra set of laser cannons paired with similar looking Prova and Lecta electric melee

You can also notice common details in Dera and Cestra 

The same goes for Ogris and Nukor though they don't share the same colour scheme

Pox, Mire and Pupacist I think have a lot in common regarding their elemental mechanics and visual style, but I'm not sure.

I also suppose Stug and Grakata share similar design patterns, but it also can only be my imagination.


Now to some more official sets I've remembered.

First of all it's the Grinlok and its sawed-off counterpart, Marelok

Another one is Grineer windup shotguns - Kohm/Kohmak paired with Ripkas chain-gauntlets, though Kohmaks also share similarity with Ogris and Nukor

There is also grineer underwater weaponry set released with Uranus tileset - Kulstar and Harpak (and was first completed with a Grineer trident weapon exclusive to Shock Dragas, which was later replaced with Sydon)

Another set is connected to Tyl Regor - his modified axe and shield Ack & Brunt and his robotic fists Knux

Since Ignis got a remodel we also now have a set of Ignis and Twin Basolk

Hema/Hirudo - signature weapon set of Nidus

Mutalist Cernos/Dual Toxocyst/Lesion - a set that came with Sands of Inaros


The melee is whole another story, there are plenty of weapons having extremely similar aestetics.

Apart from the obvious cases when a sword and a dagger share the same name, like with Dark Sword/Dagger family, we also have:

Fang and Pangolin Sword looking similar and also sharing suspicious colouring and style patterns with Ash warframe

Sheev, Dual Cleavers and Machete

Scindo and Dual Zoren

Kama, Skana and Hate (even more noticeable with Skana Prime)

Gram and Plasma Sword


I should probably stop right there not to invent something that don't exist. You see, in this game it's actually harder to find a weapon that doesn't have a similarity to either another weapon or a warframe.

If you're really into item sets that share similar design, Warframe's arsenal is totally a thing for you.

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27 минут назад, HorridaMessor сказал:

Hema or Synapse?

They lack interlinking aestetics. Caustacyst and Embolist weapon/armor feature bone or horn-like material as outer body or blade, interconnected with pale, sinewy flesh, with physics-based leathery tails on their ends.

Synapse has spiky coarse cuticle of a worm-like creature, which covers more or less the entire body of the weapon. I can't actually remember any other weapon with such style, maybe Mire or Dual Ichor are a bit similar.

Hema and it's cointerparts Hirudo and Thorac Syandana have a moistened chitin-like cover with delicate meaty interior, pulsating both physically and with bright fluorescent light and having glowing tendrils like ones of an anglerfish emerging from it (note that the tendrils are not entirely physics based, but instead resist falling and grow in a chosen direction, unlike ones of Embolyst set). This make this set related to Nidus warframe, his exposing carapace and Ravenous ability. It also has more in common with Mucusk Syandana, but that has harder, bone-like base and thick slimy convulsing tentacles growing from beneath which Hema set lacks.


Wow, describing Infested aestetics is both disgusting and appetizing. Ugh...

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