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Equinox Twilight Form


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Or composite form or whatever you'd like to call it, I wish there was an option to play with that during mission. As it stands you only see it briefly while swapping forms or in non-combat areas, which I think is a bit of a waste, especially with her Deluxe skin on the horizon.

I just think allowing that form in missions would be nice, she wouldn't even need new abilities, just make your energy color determine which of her abilities she gets (ex, night colors give her night form's passive 2 and her day's 3 and 4, vice versa).

Just a though, or does this sound like a bad idea?

Edit: Just realized I started this on the wrong board, meant to put it in general

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Seems like more of a feedback thing than a general thing anyhow.

That said I kinda agree the twilight form seems like a complete waste of effort on DEs side. Since they are modeling a whole form that is almost never used in the actual game. 

If they ever do another Equinox rework I really hope they go full bore and give her a third set of powers and leverage each form. 

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