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Constant eternal loading bugs


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So, I've been playing for over a year now and encountered very little bugs or performance issues. Until this month... now something terrible has happened to Warframe, and it doesn't seem like global issue. I have stable quick internet, powerful PC and am not in Russia, so Roscomwatch doesn't tamper with my connection. And yet every third mission I try to start eternal loading happens. It is not exaggeration, around 1/3 of my attempts to start or join mission loading doesn't end. It gets to certain point and then stops there. Chat sometimes works, and sometimes it is impossible to open chat window, no freezes present, Internet works fine, but loading just stops. I am stuck there in loading screen for eternity, like I am right now. It happens regardless of mission type or node, of time, of me being host or not. Other players load as usual. Also, no way to interrupt or abort loading present, so I have to crash the game by killing it in process manager.

Please, do/recommend something, this is gamebreaking bug and I don't think it's something with my machinery.
UPD: And yeah, do something about randomly kicking from party on open world then crashing game and erasing all the progress. Losing 2 hours of fractures farming to a bug is torture. If this squad kick didn't happen, I'd be at around 50 and now I'm back to 10...

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Full screen? Alt tab or some other ways to minimize the game? If both yes, they can cause missing icons and then the infinite, endless, forever loading problem.

Borderless or windowed does not have this loading forever problems.





Most other games do not have this loading forever problem caused by too many alt+tab / minimize, so I guess this problem is limited to Warframe game. Some loading bugs on warframe game?

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Well I do alt tab, and I do play in fullscreen because if windowed I tend to accidentally mouse over something outside window. But there doesn't seem to be correspondence with me alt tabbing often and this stuf happening. Still worth reporting and fixing, even if circumvertable ingame.

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