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Weapon Concept: Throwable Mines


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Yeah, I know grenades just aren't tenno, but what about mines?

We already have all the functionality of the throwable weapons, like kunai, in place, with the ballistic trajectory and such, as well as functionality of persistant bolts/kunai.

The logical conclusion to this would be - mines.

The mines would serve two purposes - First, they would act as an explosive projectile side-arm. If not armed by colliding with the level, they would deal lowered damage, making it up in small AoE CC, ragdolling the enemy they hit and, possibly, enemies around him.

After hitting the ground, however, the mines would act differently, creating a more direct blast, which could ragdoll enemies as well as dealing formidable damage in an AoE, as well as setting off nearby mines and allowing increaced damage.

These would be a very interesting addition to the game.

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