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Cogitio The mirror frame


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A warframe that utilizes the power of reflection to become a mix of dps and support. 

Cogitio the dreaming mirror


Health 75(225)
Shield 130(390)
Armor 60
Energy 100(300)
Sprint speed 1.2

P-When standing near bright lights he blinds enemies for 10s within 30m(standing near a light source or warframe abilities that produce bright lights like mirage's 4, Nova's 3 and trinity's EV then etc.)


30 energy

1)Reflective shard-In a straight line deal (melee mods)+75/150/200 slash damage to all enemies within a straight line (scales with melee mods) which falls off after 15m. When it falls it leaves behind a shard that shines and counts as a bright light. Can be used to shatter structures made by him. The shard can be picked up to gain 10% of the total energy pool back. (Pickup and bright light radius of 4m)

75 energy

2)One-Sided Mirror-Create a mirror wall which allies can shoot through but enemies cant. Enemies that shoot the wall will deal the damage they dealt to the wall to themselves. If shattered by reflective shard it gives allies and himself 80% damage reduction and when enemies fire onto allies they deal 50% of the damage they dealt to themselves in slash. 

40 energy

3)Image mimicry-Create a spectre of yourself which will draw aggro. If the spectre dies it explodes and blinds all enemies dealing 75% of the total damage it has taken to them depending on what damage dealt was last dealt to them. If Spectre is hit by reflective shard. All the damage dealt to it is dealt as slash damage and deals the damage of the shard.

100 energy

4)Self reflection-Create a dome(about 35m wide) that when enemies pass through will create a clone of that enemy and block all damage outside of the dome. The clones can be manually shattered by reflective shards damage to all enemies within 15m. Enemies hit by reflective shard are focused on by clones. 

(Maleficent Reflection augment)

Instead when you or allies pass through it creates a clone of them a long with their load out. (Can be used on spectres, pets and frame made allies(atlas rumblers, Venari and sand clone of inaros))

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