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Open Beta Reward Suggestion .. Braton Wraith


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As the official Warframe release is close, I think as Open Beta players we got rewards in the Official Release Weekend. I think one of the best reward that we can get is Braton Wraith..

Stats : the same with Braton, but either with :

- MORE crits and crit damages, making it a Braton+Crit

- Armor Ignoring damage with the exact same stats with Braton.


I think it's a pretty good reward, esp for us who tested Conclave, Dojo, Bugs and Issues, Survivals, Derelicts, etc.

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Braton is of tenno/orokin design, no? So it would be braton prime.. That already exists. Wraith is for strun because strun, being of grineer (I think) design, would have no orokin counterpart (prime).

Do correct me if I am wrong, can't find any official documentation of that.

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How about a open Beta Syandana?


That way players joining after the beta can't $#*(@ about it being OP and unfair.

I like this idea. Lots of other games have cosmetic items given to Open Beta players only.

Gnoll Chieftain Hood in Vindictus, Mark of Beta in Maplestory, Night Vision Goggles in Firefall (although only for that one weekend), etc.

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A special weapon for closed beta was nice, but OB players got a whole slew of events and quite a lot of opportunities to get special weapons and things. Snipetron, Snipetron Vandal, Strun Wraith...

I think we've gotten plenty of exclusive things already. A badge would be nice, but I don't think an Open Beta deserves anything extra seeing as it's not an exclusive event.

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