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Equinox Revisited Suggestion


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After hearing news of Equinox getting a Deluxe Skin, I have hope that her abilities would get reexamined at some point. While she is a strong frame, her ability kit does have some problems that could be looked into. Also, because of how her kit was designed, she doesn't fit her theme of Yin and Yang entirely due to both of her forms working against each other, since changing her form cancels out her previous form's abilities. While Yin and Yang, although are based on opposites, they are actually based on complementary opposites. 

My suggestion is for Equinox to be reworked with an ability kit where it complements across both forms, which will encourage more usage of Metamorphosis to make the best of out her abilities. I believe it would make her gameplay more unique and engaging for the player. Below I've written my suggestions on how to implement changes to fit with this concept.



  • Dualism
  • Equinox will have an added custom counter on the HUD, displaying how much enemy health was collected, and will have separate sections for each form.  
  • Enemy health will be collected in one of two ways
  • Enemies actively affected by Night Form Equinox's own abilities, when killed, will have 75% of their health added to Night Form's section of the counter.
  • Enemies killed by Day Form Equinox and allies while under the effects of her own abilities, will have 75% of their health added to Day Form's section of the counter.  


  • The original buffs are removed.
  • Cast-time and animations are shorten, but enough to still see Equinox's Combined Form through the transition.
  • Will have no energy cost.

Lull & Wake

  • Night Form (Lull)
  • Equinox casts a lulling aura on enemies within range, reducing their movement and attacking speed for a duration.
  • The enemy's reduced movement and attacking speed is added the next cast of Wake.
  • When used on pacified enemies, they will be put to sleep and will wake up if their health is reduced below half.
  • Day Form (Wake) 
  • Equinox casts an vitalizing aura on herself and allies within range, increasing their movement and attacking speed for a duration.
  • The effect becomes stronger with the added bonus from Lull.
  • Caps at 50% attack/movement speed, included with the bonus added from Lull.

Pacify & Rouse

  • Night Form (Pacify)
  • Is no longer a toggle and is now a duration based ability.
  • Equinox casts a calming aura on all surrounding enemies within range, reducing their damage for a duration.
  • The enemy's reduced damage is added to the next cast of Rouse.
  • Enemies under the effects of Pacify can be put to sleep by Lull.
  • Day Form (Rouse)
  • Equinox casts an empowering aura on herself and allies, increasing their Ability Strength for a duration.
  • The effect becomes stronger with the added bonus from Pacify.
  • Caps at 50% power strength, included with the bonus added from Pacify. 

Mend & Maim

  • Both of them are no longer toggled abilities, and are now active abilities.
  • The released charge will be based on the counter added by the passive ability.
  • Tapping the button will used that form's version of the ability.
  • Night Form (Mend)
  • Equinox releases their stored counter to cast a restorative aura which will heal and grant shields to herself and allies within range.
  • The restored shields can possibly be pushed into overshields. 
  • Day Form (Maim)
  • Equinox releases their stored counter to cast a slashing wave on all enemies within her range.
  • The enemies left alive afterwards will temporally take increased damage. 
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Can't say I'm a fan of the night-to-day playstyle that these descriptions seem to offer, as I'd favor more something that goes back and forth. I was thinking of retaining the day aspect of damage and speed, and the night aspect of defense and sleeping. Her abilities are not particularly engaging, but I think it'd help for them to carry on across the forms, as well as making the forms the new Equinox passive, with Metamorphosis being a zero-cost energy that simply changes forms, as well as introducing the hybrid form with it. Basically:

  • Change the passive to be the effects of Metamorphosis on the respective form, maybe removing the power strength effect and tweaking it accordingly (or not, who cares).
  • Metamorphosis now simply changes Equinox's forms to day and night with tapping, or hybrid with toggle. Hybrid has all of the stats from day and night, but at reduced values, making it the "balance" between them.
  • Retain the effects and stacks of P&P and M&M when changing forms, making the abilities for hybrid form also follow the passive, giving it a bit of both at reduced levels.

I don't really know about how I'd want the rest to be, since to me the last two abilties are (mostly) fine.

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