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Brand New to youtube. - Warframe Videos


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Hey guys, I'm recently just starting to try and figure out the whole Youtube scenario and see how it works. 
I very recently uploaded videos just to see how long it would take my uploads to finish.
Honestly I'm unsure if I have what it takes to become interested in the whole youtube video making stuff, but you know... Why not give it a try.

I have one video so far, I don't want to just spam my channel with random videos with me being the only viewer.
I would like Warframe tips, Youtube advice, etc. 
I do have a mic, but I'm not gonna use it until I feel the need to or if I feel like my videos are getting somewhere. 

Also, I know that Subscribers are a big deal when it comes to your videos. I also know many of you are also recording videos and trying to make a name for yourself, 
So If you guys want.. I could subscribe to you or/and You could subscribe to me.

Link to my channel:

Link to my one and only video:

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17 hours ago, (XB1)UpgradeAcorn989 said:

Well you seem to be pumping out videos

I advise you to be carful as the novelty of having a youtube channel can wear out quite quickly 

It's mainly just State of Decay 2 which is what I'm currently playing. I am unsure of how long to make the videos though.

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