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"put Your Soma In My Dera!" - Saryn (Picture)


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Dear Tenno, while you are out travelin' space, void and mineing-stations on forsaken rock, Saryin is at home waiting for you. She is tierd of you never being home, always out there, Soma (or other weaponry) in hand like a good damn catastrophe to your devices. She begs you for your attention Tenno...!!

Look she's all dressed up for you, dressed up, down... dressing down.
Tenno, EQUIP your best STAMINA MOD!!
"Pur your Soma in my Dera!!" - Saryn

"NOTE that this is a WIP, a work in progress. Made with fineliners and ink, copic markers and watercolour. As mentioned this is a WIP and still has a lot of colouring to go (and background), but... Fellow Tenno, as an tattoo artist I thought, well this bio-suit coverd posion beauty need some ink done!! If you want drop some suggestions on what she shall get forever done in her skin, feel free to do so!! I have a few ideas myself but, hey, what's the fun in that. We are a Community, fun with some Community participation"


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