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Nightwave goodies after its season


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I was wondering if there is any thought among DE about obtaining nightwave rewards after the season has passed, particularly the cosmetic rewards from the season.

I for one was unable to reach rank 30 during season 1 due to work and by the time I was actually able to start going through the missions and obtain standing there was no way for me to reach the ranks required to obtain stuff like the Wolf Armor.

I'm curious to know if DE have thought about methods to obtain those cosmetic items again for players who have missed the chance to be able to get them.

can we buy them with plat at some point in the future?

will the seasons repeat at some point? 

perhaps someone like Baro might sell the sets for ducats? 


since we have only had 2 seasons of nightwave so far the Wolf set is really the only example but I'm sure as time goes on more and more of these cosmetic rewards will become unavailable to obtain once the season passes and many people will miss out on many of them for a verity of reasons. 

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From the Dev Stream Overview:

Wolf of Saturn Six items will make an appearance in the future, we are deciding the best way to make it available for those who missed the first Series.

It's nice that they're gonna make a return. I was suffering from a massive burnout so I completely missed Season 1 and only caught the Intermission by the tail. Hopefully it won't take too long to see those items return.

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Here's hoping it returns with better balance. S1 was the straw that broke the camel's back for me as well, as it came on the tail end of building burn out from Plague Star and then finally getting into grinding for a decent amp. I really hope they start taking to heart that making the game fun will keep players here. Forcing us to stay in game doing specific content again and again does not making for an enjoyable experience.

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personally I've been in two minds about nightwave as a whole:

on the one hand I like how it makes you do specific things because it makes me use weapons/play game modes I don't all that often. 

on the other I don't like how I am forced to do things/use things I don't want to do 

its a hard balance to try and make. 

I've never liked how the battlepasses work, ever since their inception. but thats just me. 

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