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Best sentinal weapons


I've always relied on the Sweeper prime and played around with the Cryotra but never really gave much thought to these weapons. Never really had the time as I was always leveling my weapons. Im a little lost as they dont seem to work the same way my weapons do. Any help would really be appreciated.

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5 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

Why is that not a viable solution for you? I've even got two "Spy" Loadouts for my Ivara,
one for Grineer / Infested and one for Corpus, with different weapons / damage types fitting for those Factions.

Well okay then, just disregard everything others have shared in regards to how useful Sentinel weapons can be, gotcha.


well because i chosen weapons that works for every factions
it was retarded idea for me to adjust yourself just for 1 faction and im not trying to insult u i just believe good weapon should work for everything u encounter
but then wasting 1 loadout slot to just have sentinel without its weapon is just stupid to me 
but hey some ppl say zaws are best melee other says galatine or war is best and others uses cerata

but more of an answer to u would be if i can go to sortie with eximus stronghold condition and kill anything in like 1 sec whats the benefit for me in taking sentinel weapon with me anywhere? 
and just as side note ive seen ppl using i believe taxons weapon to add status which it apply on enemy for example for condition overload 
but that is stupid idea to me also i believe finding good weapon is better way to perform it

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