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Lanka Questions


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For non-Chroma, Its Dmg / MS /CD
For Chroma, Its MS / CD

For a 2+1- Lanka riven:
    80.2 to 98.0% Multishot, average 89% MS
    147.0 to 179.7% Damage, average 163% Dmg
    133.7 to 163.4% Critical Chance, average 148% CC
    106.9 to 130.6% Critical Damage, average  119% CD

If your riven has MS
Say, your Lanka has 1 pellet, with Split Chamber, it now has 1.9 pellets (90% of the time you shoot 2 pellets, 10% you shoot only pellet, but for the sake of average damage, I put it as 1.9).
With a +89% MS riven, it now has 2.79 pellets. From 1.9 to 2.79, it increases 47% in DPS.
If you use Split Chamber, Vigilante Armaments, a +89% MS riven: from 2.5 to 3.39, it increases 36% in DPS.
MS gives the less in DPS, but remember, Sniper has combo counter, and more pellets means more combo -> more damage. It's up to you to choose, but MS is my choice.

If you riven has Dmg
Say, your Lanka has 1 damage, with serration, it now has 2.65 Dmg
With a +163% Dmg riven, it now has 4.28 Dmg. From 2.65 to 4.28, it increases 62% in DPS.
If you use Heavy Caliber, +Dmg riven gives even less in DPS (it's up to you, but I don't use it, even if it's just a R8 Heavy Caliber).
So, +Dmg riven give the most in DPS, but don't roll +Dmg Lanka riven if you wanna use Heavy Caliber (or Chroma)

Now to the crit part, the formula for AVERAGE crit damage is: TC = CC x (CD - 1) + 1. Where TC stands for TOTAL CD
Your Lanka has 25% base CC, 2x baseCD, 50% flat CC on max zoom, with Point Strike and Vital Sense, CC is 112.5%, CD is 4.4x (I only calculate on max zoom, and no boost crit level from Vigilante set, too lazy to do for other cases).
Your TC = 1.125 x (4.4 - 1) + 1 = 4.825

If you riven has CD and no CC
With a +119% CD riven, your CD now is 6.8. TC = 1.125 x (6.8 - 1) + 1 = 7.525.
From 4.825 to 7.525, that's 56% increase in DPS

If your riven has CC and no CD
With a +148% CC riven, your CC now is 149.5%. TC is 1.495 x (4.4 - 1) + 1 = 6.05.
From 4.825 to 6.05, that's 25.4% increase in DPS, the least here (due to +50% flat CC on max zoom)

If your riven has both CC and CD
With a +148% CC +119% CD riven, your CC now is 149.5%, CD is 6.8x. TC is 1.495 x (6.8 - 1) + 1 = 9.67.
From 4.825 to 9.67, that's 100% incease in DPS.

But if you choose a +Dmg +MS riven, as calculated above, +Dmg gives 62%, +MS gives 47%. 1.62 x 1.47 = 2.38.
From 1 to 2.38, that's 138% increase in DPS (and I don't even count the combo counter bonus from MS)
And even more if your riven is +Dmg +CD (this time more raw damage but less combo).

So, according to basic math, for 2+1- lanka riven, in raw damage (max zoom is counted): Dmg > CD > MS > CC
Choose Dmg if you don't use Heavy Caliber, choose MS if you want more combo, CD is always good, CC gives the least DPS here, but if you want to see orange color more (will see red sometimes with Vigilante set), it's always your choice.

About Argon Scope and Vile Acceleration, it's all about playstyle, if you want QoL, its Vile Acceleration, if you want more damage with a drawback in QoL, its Argon Scope (don't use any CC mod because it's less effective since Argon Scope gives huge CC), my choice is always Vile Acceleration, QoL > all in non serious mission.

Final note: it's all BASIC MATH, not rocket science, so please only quote me if my math is wrong.

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Use Vile Acceleration for ease of use.

CC is better for Lanka IMO because it enables you to avoid that god awful 8x zoom to achieve over 100% CC. You can use just 3x or 5x (and actually see what you're aiming at!) depending on your Riven!

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Yeah that zooms a stinker...motion sickness maker.

I did a test on Poe, enemies don’t appear until you get within 113m...which also means they disappear after 113m.  Totally disappointing, I was sooooo looking forward to gettin in some high perch and ACTUALLY USING SINPER ZOOM.  Well they’re stupid ass coding skills preclude that...and being able to remap chat key.  Mental giants they must be. 

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I’m using the whole vigilante set on my trinity eidolon hunter and it makes a difference.  I also tried twin avengers, which also made a difference...but Harry stomped me to death a couple times so I’ma drop an avenger for a guardian.

I one shot a few joints and two shot many, only one or two required more than a clip. It was really nice.

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5 minutes ago, MPonder said:

Is that for Eidolon hunting? Because if it is, projectile weapons are no good for Eidolon hunting now, since they are bugged.

Bugged How....

For Volt its actually good to use The Lanka due to how it ineracts with Volt Shields....

I think next I want to try out The Velocitus.... if I can just get a riven for it...

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31 minutes ago, (PS4)dtdionne said:

I’m stoked the Canadians sold out to China, super smart bunch those Canadians.

That was completely random, and that is rather old news. 


With regards to main question (assuming you want it for eidolons) CC+CD + MS -with minor negative would be better assuming you can reach near 100% in 2 zooms. 

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