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Coming back to Warframe but on a different platform


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Hey Tenno community.


I used to love this and played it on PC, my PC is now in silicon heaven and I'm looking at coming back. 

I was quite far along into the game on PC, back when fortuna was out.

How easy is it to catch back on from scratch ?

Ideally i'd love to copy my stuff over but that's unfortunately not an option haha


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That depends on how often you can play, and whether you're focused on it.

I did it in a little less than 2 months, but I had all the prime accesses I had ever bought, I already knew how to speed run all of the content, and I work at home, so I can play pretty much every day.

It was actually fun tho, because I actually had plenty of goals, whereas in my old account, there was nothing to do. And I normally hate replaying games from scratch

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It took me 2 months to catch up aka making my arsenal somewhat endgame viable (with 1 Tier 3 Prime Access purchase) with around 1-3 hours of playtime daily and another 10 months to acquire nearly everything (Arcanes and max focus tree, etc) in the game minus rivens and vaulted primes. It all depends on your dedication, really.

Still haven’t feeling any heavy burnout just yet (I do take small breaks if a content drought is ongoing).

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I went from PS4 to PC and I got it to mr20 maxed all focus schools, all primed mods (tennocon relay) and had a set of almost all arcanes in about 200 hrs played.  I had almost 3k hrs on PS4 the PC account is basically caught up now (up to 800 on PC now) I'm just missing mr fodder stuff mostly.


Tennocon relay is great save up and it can catch you up alot sadly you just missed it this year.


Work to get eidolon farming going.  Mote amp Oberon and teralyst till you can build a better one then trinity tridolons.  These help in 2 ways, you get your arcanes and you max your focus schools really fast

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