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Randomised enemy weapons


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Hello, i'd like to share an idea of mine, that i've previously posted on the warframe steam forums and it got quite some attention and feedback.

So the idea is, basically how i feel the game is streamlined in some way where missions and enemy encounters are, and as a 2013 member i can say ever since, repetitive. Now i'd like to shake up the formula a bit, and hear me out on this one, to randomise the weapons enemy units use, since they have such a large roster of weapons, but little get used by grineer troops, now this is based on the grineer and corpus mostly, as the other factions are a bit more different.

So look at the different enemy grineer units there is, i'll name em just so you can get the whole picture, so mainly you have, as said on the wiki, light, medium and heavy grineer units: 

- Light: Butcher, Flameblade, Guardsman, Powerfist, Scorpion and the Shield Lancers (these will be talked in the medium units changes since they use firearms instead of melee).

- Medium: Elite Lancers (or just Lancers), Eviscerator, Hellion, Scorch, Seeker, Trooper and Ballistas (Though Ballistas have a very specific weapon for them, so i'll ignore em when talking about the medium units changes and talk about them in the Heavy changes).

- Heavy: Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Napalms, Manics, Nox, Hyekka Master, Drahk Master, Commander and Bailiff (Note that the Bailiff and the Drahk Masters are melee units so i'll talk about them in the light units changes. Also worth noting, i'll be ignoring Napalms, Manics and Nox's since they should be immune to this idea since they are very hardcoded for their role and weapons, unless people AND DE are fine with changing them too).


LIGHT: Okay so after about the most common of grineer troops, here's where my idea comes into play, since both corpus and grineer have a very expanded roster of weapons, why not arm them with such? Why keep these with only what, 40-50% of their weapons? Here's the melee weapons Light units could use, as well as basically every single melee grineer: 

Twin Krohkur, Krohkur, Dual Cleavers, Cleaver, Twin Basolk, Ack and Brunt, Machete, Jat Kusar, Sheev, Furax, Korrudo, Ripkas, Kesheg, Sydon, Amphis, Broken Scepter, Jat Kittag, Halikar and Atterax.

These are, if i'm not mistaken, all of the grineer melee weapons roster, and most of them really just don't get used by the melee units, so why not give them that capability, randomise the weapons they can have between these to refresh the gameplay a bit, all of a sudden you may get anchored by a Scorpion rocking a Sheev or a Twin Basolk, so better be extra careful etc, Bailiffs, at least the ones we see in the game right now could use this treatment too, the same goes for the Drahk Masters but these do use their melee at range so this is purely a decision from DE to change or not.

MEDIUM: Well here are now the weapons Medium units can use, though before listing them, i must mention, lancers with shotguns wouldn't be in my opinion adviseable, so keeping their class to the core, Lancers using rifles, Troopers for shotguns, Scorches obviously the Ignis and other held Grineer weapons and so on and so forth. Also, let these units be able to switch or have secondaries too, Scorch with an atomos would be fun for example, since their role is the same but the weapon is changed to be a secondary, Troopers with Twin Kohmaks or a single Kohmak, or even a Brakk, i won't list the all the secondary weapons otherwise i'd be here all day, but you get the idea of the point i'm trying to make. So without further ado, here's the Primaries Medium units could use for their respective roles:

Buzlok, Grakata, Hind, Karak, Quartakk, Ignis, Grinlok, Mitter, Argonak, Harpak, Sobek, Kohm, Hek, Drakgoon and Javlok.

You might notice, there's more primaries than that, and you're right, check the Heavy section for them since they are used in a more special way. But again, the medium troops could use every single of these weapons every mission, randomising their equipement amongst these would add more detail and depth, and let these weapons, while used by them, have different stats so these don't feel like just skins,

HEAVY: Before listing weapons, here's where some get tricky, I think the weapons i will list should be shared between these units, though having strong secondaries also work so DE could consider letting heavy units have secondaries. Here's the weapons: 

Gorgon, Vulkar, Ogris, Drakgoon, Tonkor, and Zarr.


So to end this, i think you can picture my idea, have Grineer and Corpus use their entire roster of weapons, randomised when they spawn so it doesn't feel so copied and pasted. I'd like to also talk about how some weapons are either hardcoded to the tileset for enemy unit in itself, so it is entirely up to you reading this and DE, and yes i didn't list any corpus units or weapons, imagine if i did, this would be twice or four times as big of a thread, i just want you to understand the idea and please do give me feedback, and, for those of you who like this suggestion, hopefully DE reads this and asnwers whether or not they will consider this idea in the future.

Thank you for your time and i hope you enjoy this.



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