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[MOD IDEA] Bump Stock


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Well, the name says it all: convert any semi-auto gun into full-auto! Not applicable on some bolt-action snipers, of course...

However, there are little details... First of all, the only two things I'm sure of - it's of Vazarin polarity and of golden color.

Then, it can be NO RANK mod with low capacity (about 4 I'd say) that gives full-auto at about 75% of listed S/A fire rate.

OR it can have some ranks with fire rate starting at about 67% and going up to about 90-95%... However, I'm not sure that's enough for supposedly high max-rank capacity cost, so some other bonus is quite welcome, and most appropriate in my eyes is some status bonus, up to about 20-25% at max rank.

ON THE OTHER HAND, converting S/A gun into full-auto gives benefits that must be countered, so, may be it should be a CORRUPTED mod, that not only converts S/A to full-auto and gives some 20% to status, but also reduces accuracy or crit chance a bit.

And somewhat really off - it starts as a full-auto at 67% fire rate, then goes to 2-rounds burst at 150% RoF, then to 3-rounds at 200% and so on... but this is just two mods under one cover and I don't think that's a good idea...

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Got to think about it a bit more. The only viable way to do it is to make it corrupted.

So, base cost at 2-4 points, RoF is at -25% and accuracy is halved.

Max rank cost is about 7-9 (3 or 5 ranks), RoF is about +50% (25% per rank for 3 ranks or 15% per rank for 5 ranks) and accuracy is quartered.

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