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Ember's Idle Animation's Fire Got Stuck And It Was Really Cool


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so I was playing as ember, jumped off for a second to answer the phone and came back without looking at the screen. I then sprinted around the corner only realize the fire from embers idle animation was still stuck to her hand. so when ever I was doing anything I had a little trail of fire running through me and IT WAS AWESOME!! it almost looked like a second scarf.


I think it would be cool for ember to have some sort of fire scarf, it would be unique like neckros and you could start a line up for each warframe to have their own scarf.


and this bug report wasn't so that it could get removed, it was more of a " hey, this was cool, maybe you should have it happen on purpose?" bug report

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Y'know, I jut had this exact same thing.. Funny part?

I was Rhino.


I was talking about it as the Flaming Crotch of Rhino..

But then I put down the Datamass, and found out it was coming from his hand...


how is that even possible? If you could do it with Rhino then that means it's not from Ember's idle animation?

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