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Can we please bring back the dye BP?


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8 hours ago, sinnae said:

I'm not saying "don't ever use dye." I'm saying if you're consistently going broke and spending your entire daily rep income on dye, maybe you should skimp a little until you reach higher MR, and practice fishing without it in the meantime. There's a time and place for being optimal, and part of the low MR/new player experience is having to be thoughtful and make significant decisions on what to spend your precious resources/reputation/materials on. You won't be rolling in forma, potatoes, endo or rep, so you skimp and actually learn game mechanics until much later when you have a surplus of everything.

i think that's fair. i actually didn't know what dye was the first half dozen times i went fishing.  i got bye.  i didn't like it, but it's completely "functional", it's just a PITA grind, which i think, again, is fair in a f2p game.  still think they should have it be  able to drop somewhere though, even  if the odds are trash.  again, i already have mine, so it's no big deal for me if they keep it gone forever, i just think it's more reasonable and fair to have it accessible.

it reminds me of the ignis wraith and why that's such a poop show.  same problem, different scenario:  a thing that is invaluable to use, is unable to be obtained (in the case of the ignis, but the dojo, not the player since they can still pay for it) unless you have it from legacy.  it's really stupid imho.  and the dye thing is worse, because you can't even drop some plat on it.  

you know what might be a good solution?  if not a drop... make it like the neurodes bp, purchasable with plat.  unnecessary, but a nice convenience.

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Honestly, I don't like that they removed the Bait and Dye blueprints. I get adding direct purchases for Standing - fair enough, that's far more convenient. But why trash the old method? Why not keep both? Blueprints trade the convenience of being able to purchase items any time you want them for the convenience of not having to pay a time-gated currency, and I feel that's a legitimate choice to let players make for themselves. I'm of the opinion that ANY consumable in the game should be available both for direct purchase AND as a blueprint for no cost. Might actually make Apothics worth considering.

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I agree with bringing back the dye blueprints.  In fact, I think all the fishing related BPs that used to be available should be brought back.  I would even go so far as to say there should be similar blueprints available for the Fortuna fish (I know you can get the rare ones without bait, but that's incredibly unreliable, and exploiter orb is fine for mats, but doesn't help with NW requirements or fishing trophies).

As a player that started just in time to get the majority of the blueprints, I have a massive advantage in gaining the most rep I can per day, because I can craft most of the fishing gear for a cost of zero rep, and a few ingredients that I have hundreds to thousands of.  I only missed out on the Glappid, Cuthol, and Pharoma BPs (feelsbadman.jpg).  At MR26, I can farm 27K rep each day.  I use it to buy arcanes to trade, since I've picked up every item available from the shop.

Someone who is just starting and is MR5, can obtain a total of 6K rep per syndicate per day.  They need the rep more than me, but they're netting even less per day than their cap if they spend any on bait items that aren't even reusable.  Sure, there are thumpers that can drop the loot you need to make items that require fish parts, and Exploiter Orb for Fortuna parts, but their loot is based on RNG, so you can't guarantee you'll get the loot you need.  And they're of no use towards trophies.

The argument that they can just farm thumpers, and that makes the blueprints useless, or less useful, also applies to the one use items.  But the argument is invalid, because no one has articulated a single valid reason why we can't have thumpers, one use items, and blueprints.  Almost every person I've talked to, or who has commented in any threads about the issue appears to be of the same opinion about what to do, regardless of how they prefer to get their resources: have BPs and one use items.  Having a variety of ways to obtain things gives more people in more situations the ability to access the materials they need to progress and enjoy their gaming experience.

Another thing many have mentioned is the fishing minigame.  I love the fishing in this game, and that comes from someone who frequently dismisses minigames inside of video games as gimmicks to make you grind more (OK, that's sometimes true).  But I don't feel that way at all about the fishing in Warframe.  At MR26, I still go out into public free roam for the express purpose of doing the conservation and fishing.  I frequently run in to other players looking to complete their NW quests or get some rep for Ostron while doing so.  Being the lucky bastard I am, I'll offer to drop bait and lures to help others' experience, so they don't have to spend all their rep trying to catch a few fish, because as much experience as I have at fishing, I still waste bait when no rare fish spawn until there's 10 seconds left on it.  And it feels really good.  Something about the simplicity of throwing a spear at a bunch of pixels that look like a fish with a group of people makes me feel a sense or camaraderie.

I get that this isn't the most pressing issue for DE or most players, but it really means a lot to many people, particularly those who dedicate a lot of their time to trying to get their syndicates maxed out under a system that basically penalizes you if you're the type of person who likes to finish one thing before moving on to another.  Hell, I'd be happy for even a "We'll look into this Tenno."

Related: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1081082-please-bring-back-bait-blueprints-on-plains-of-eidalon/


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