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[suggestion][K-Drive] Road signs & GPS


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The Orb Vallis has a number of loops in the road. That is potentially very fun, in that I can keep going round and round.

However, A lot of the areas look kind of the same. I mean, I'm sure if I was paying more attention they'd all be quite distinct based on what's in the neighborhood, but I for the most part when I'm zooming around I quickly forget where I am or where a turn leads to. It leads to a dead end eventually.

It would help me, at least for maps with roads (currently only the Orb Vallis) if the UI would pop up little road signs and a GPS when I'm traveling on the road sections.

Yeah, the player G-markers are very helpful, I use them often, but they give directions as-the-crow-flies. If I'm traveling on the ground, ground friendly directions would help. Not that bunny hopping a k-drive over a hill doesn't have it's charms.

 For that matter, the devs knew they were going to have riding boards in here and they painstakingly had to insert every grind rail and boost pad. I would love to see their dream ride videos. You know, the videos where they ride the Vallis the way it was designed to be ridden. Ultimate combos, maximum air time, longest distance grind, landing the jumps on the rails, bouncing off shrooms; all that good stuff.

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