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RE:World Building Idea: a cool event to add to Warframe


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This concept is a fun reoccurring/one time  event, centered around the assassins of the game. Currently they consist of: the gustrag three, the stalker/shadow stalker, zanuka and the wolf of saturn six. this essential gives us a total of six assassins ingame. The event can be a sinister six type of event in which you could see posters of all the six assassins posted on the displays in the navigation center of the relays, you could hear about all six assassins teaming up to stop the tenno dead in their tracks on the orbiter radio. Nora could even warn the tenno before hand.


The premise could be that the tenno have become to powerful and have destroyed the delicate balance the assassins have  worked to maintain. The loss of balance would have been noticed by Hunhow, the queens, sergeant Illiad (he has been neglected since release)   or some other power at be, thereby causing that figure to hire  all the assassins to kill and stop  the tenno. 


Stage 1 could initially have each of the assassins take over a planet in its entirety. each node on the planet could have a 100% chance to spawn the assassin dedicated to that planet, with a slightly lower chance of spawning minions belonging to the other assassins. The idea is that the player base slowly works towards clearing the newly controlled nodes of a planet, thereby removing the  control the assassins have over these planet. A fun mechanic to add some difficulty to the event would be that, as nodes are regained by the tenno, the remaning nodes increase in difficulty to clear. In addition to this, a planet can only be cleared by facing  level 50 or 60 versions of the assassins on the boss nodes of the planet they are occupying. This tactic may re-inspire the fear the tenno once had in these assassins. 


Stage 2: after the tenno have successfully cleared all the controlled planets, the story can progress to a point where the assassins decide that, because their solo based methods of facing the tenno alone and/or with their minions have failed so dramatically, they should go all out on the tenno. This second stage will feature the tenno facing three assassins at the same time on the boss nodes of planets. the assassins will get their levels bumped up from 60 to 80. This tactics serves to add difficulty to beating the assassins as well as inspire more fear in the hearts of the tenno.


Finale Stage: Part 1: The assassins throw away their pride entirley and the event progresses to a point where there is a decent chance for all six assassins to gang up on the tenno during missions. this stage of the event should be hard, but not insane with level 60 versions of all the assassins together.  30% - 40% spawn chance seems fair. Part 2; Finale: the assassins have had enough of the failing teamwork and have resorted to declaring open challenges to the tenno. The tenno,in order to get rid of the coordinated assassination attempts, willingly accept these boss missions against the assassins. each assassin will be at level 100 for max difficulty. after beating an assassin at level 100, they will get the option to pick a reward from the assassins loot tables as well as some other rewards as the cherry on top. Stalker should be the last boss because he is the stalker

rewards for all assassin boss defeats may include the rewards of the sortie pools, as well as skins for the weapons and Armour they wield  (I am bad with rewards XD)

after the event, all assassins should receive a quality change of an increase in their level, just so that they become feared once again.


Hey guys, thanks for reading this, i know it was long, and i tried my best to fully flesh it out. please share this with everyone, because the more traction it gains the higher the chance it receives of possibly happening. I think this could be an awesome,long event that could take away the grind players have from farming the assassins. It also serves to reinvigoratethe fear that the assassins once held. Also, leave your tweaks and suggestions as to what might make this idea better Thanks. 

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