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Banshee Sound Quake Augment


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Harmonic Shield Modulation (self channelling shield defence ult at the cost of no damage or CC from ult)

Banshee focuses and channels her Sound Quake ultrasonic reverberations inwards, no longer able
to inflict outward damage in order to enhance her shields protective barrier and constantly
remodulating her shield frequencies to best resist enemy fire.

[Drains 1 point of energy per second when active. 3 Energy per adaption. Affected by Ability Efficiency, and the minimum and maximum energy drain are affected by Ability Efficiency and Ability Duration]

  • Shield can not be bypassed by any damage types while skill is active. 25% base resistance to all Elemental damage. Shield recharge rate amplified to x3.0. Passive (while activated only)
  • Innate Adaption - stacks up to 90% resistance of last damage type received from 10% for 30secs. Refresh instantly when new damage type exceeds previous highest. Affected by Duration.
  • 15% chance whenever the player receives damage to regenerate Shields at +120 shield/sec for 20secs with corresponding additional energy drain at 10 energy per activation. 10% chance to instantly restore all shields at 5 energy per activation. Cannot Stack. Affected by Efficiency, Powerstrength, and Duration.
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