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Gara Splinter Storm (skill 2) and companions.


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It is very difficult to buff the companions nowadays because they are fast and running unpredictably and it is also impossible to buff the sentinels, which is very annoying as you remain tanky while your companion/sentinel dies instantly.

And it is almost impossible to see if the companion is with the buff or not.

It would be great if you could share the buff with your companion / sentinel by buffing yourself, basically you buff the Warframe and automatically the companion gets that effect with the same duration, and if you update your duration using Vidrify The companion is also affected.

Please, I like Gara very much and I believe any main would love to see this change.

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6 hours ago, Xhobract said:

Walk backwards, aim up like 45 degrees and slightly left, press 2. Done. Your Sentinel is now buffed.

Thanks a lot for the tip, but the biggest problem still remains with Kavats / Kubrows as they are too fast, it's hard to even reactivate the buff with Vidrify as they run all the time.

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