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Black screen, dissconection and no mission.


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I was killing (trying to) a gantulyst and when he was almost going to die (4 nodes destroyed and 1/4 life left) the screen suddenly went black and I was at cetus as if I had quitted.


Only with the 4 big eidolond shards, no small sentient shards, no operator amp, nothing more.


It was as if I exited the mission, I can't check the "last mission reward" thing that usually apears in the menu.


I spent half an hour in a mission and is very infuriating to lose almost all the rewards because warframe says "#*!% you".


Things like this make me want to play warframe less and less, despite it being my favourite game.


I got back after some time withour playing since the last ragequit because of a mission going poof and it feels pretty bad to happen this the first session, jumping from gamebreaking bug to gamebreaking bug.

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