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Game crashing in POE And OV and Other mission Frequently


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  • Ryzen 2400g with radeon vega11 graphics
  • Corsair 8gb ram 2400mhz
  • Seagate 1tb Hdd

I started playing warframe since august of 2018 on mid to high settings without any issues . But recently like back in 3-4 months im getting crashes even in low settings

the game frezees and the the dialogue box appear to send crash report.Some time it doesnt even shows the dialogue box doesnt appear its just gone from screen. i have tried re installing windows /the game from steam still same thing . I get like 80-100fps average on low settings but it just crashes suddenly in either poe or ov or any other mission .I dont understand what is the problem here .

Hope u guys can tell me something to fix the issue. Thanks in advance.

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26 minutes ago, wtfbomb153 said:

have you tried verifying or optimizing the download cache in your launcher? Might take a while so make sure you have something to do planned ahead of time while you wait.


yes i did still same

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5 minutes ago, wtfbomb153 said:

outdated drivers maybe? false positive from your anti-virus? Could try switching between DirectX 11/10 depending on which one you currently have selected.

will try but what is false positive from antivirus ?


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2 minutes ago, wtfbomb153 said:

it means that your antivirus thinks that it's a virus but in reality it's not one. Better safe than sorry with that sort of thing I suppose

im using avast internet security and theres no file regarding warframe

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12 hours ago, H3M3L said:

Ryzen 2400g with radeon vega8 graphics

This spec doesn't quite match up. 2200g have Vega 8, 2400g have Vega 11.


Maybe check for stability of CPU. Run a stress test program like Prime95 and let it run for several hours. Maybe run both Prime95 and Furmark at the same time to check for overheating problems.

If it throw errors, the problem is either faulty RAM or CPU, or might be overclocked that can cause errors. It might be CPU with insufficient CPU or SOC voltage, that can be changed in most motherboard settings. If running at default speed, turn off CPU turbo core might help, but might go slower.

Check for overheating with Hwinfo64, make sure it doesn't go above about 90 C.

If no errors, it might just be running out of committed memory, as shown on windows 10 task manager details tab. Go to System, system info, advanced system settings, Performance settings, Advanced, Virtual memory. Set both initial and maximum to the same number like 12288 MiB or some number that internet search might suggest.


My computer have no crashes for several weeks of these motherboard settings (Asus B450-F):
Ryzen 2400g at 3.8 GHz, constant 1.38 volts CPU. Vega 11 at 1240 MHz, SOC 1.175 Volts.
32 GB RAM at 2933 MT/s 1.35 V. My memory could do 3200 MT/s at 1.35 V but when I tried it, got random crashes and Prime95 errors, as the CPU is only rated for up to 2933 MT/s.
A much larger 150 TDP heatsink, so the CPU will no longer overheat to 115 C and freeze computer, with both Prime95 + Furmark at the same time. Now just hovers at about 92 C.

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