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Spaceships And Intro


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Ok, so I love sci-fi and ships. Warframe shows these massive ships in space for a sekond, and there is no info or images anywhere.

Not even the tenno ship.

I really want to see and know more about the ships and the design and funktion as part of Lore.

Please share the awesome designs!

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I would like images, specs, data on the tech and craft each faction use.

Lets face it, some ships are like flying cities, full of machines and gear.

The intro-sequence is the only time we get to see them.

Look out the window, yeah but you dont see much.

Why does corpus ships have all these cylinders? Abd grineer designs resemble some monster.

The first time I really saw a ship was the Orokin Derelict.

See how its flowing like a swimming dolphin or whale?

Sleek, polished.

The insides of the ship is filled with water flowing though glass pipes. Huge caverns, strange plants and machinery.

This to me gave me a vision of the Orokin as water dwelling creatures, surrounding themselves with nature from distant Eaerth, or engineered.

My point is, the designs of a faction sparks the imagination, gives them a soul and not just bad guys, but a culture.

Man im rambling lol. Its late here and bed beckons.

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I would first want some of the ships to be re-done, as some older ones are of notably lower quality.

No argument there. A more detailed layout of ships would be awesome, why not a schematic while were at it.

And a request. I miss hangarbays, armories and crews quarters.

I mean, corpus have locker rooms obviously. Sleeping quarters, rec room, etc would be great for immersion.

And airlocks for spacewalks. This could be part of a mission, to reach new areas, or jump to another ship

, oh the possibilities :)

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