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Where are systems schemats?


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I've made the Oro mission for Hydroid's parts. Got two, waiting for third but i did the mission probably 10 times and all the time i was geting only neouroptics and chassis. Started doing Fossa for rhino schemats, the same - neuroptics and chassis schemats, but no systems. What the hell is going on? How many times i have to do one mission to get systems?

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Nothing extraordinary, systems blueprints drop rate is lower than neuroptics/chassis. It always seem abysmall when bosses are still hard to kill because it takes time, but if you note down how many run you actually do for each boss, overall it should balance with the expected drop rate.

And if you get the system first, don't rejoice too fast, sometime the chassis will take a dozen of kills 😄

https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Hydroid  (22% vs 38% for hydroid)



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