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Tridolon Hunt Issues


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My husband (jmminms) and I have tried to complete the Hydrolyst mission for the weekly Nightwave. Each time we get into a party through Konzu to complete Tridolon Hunt in the Plains, we have gotten stuck on the Gantulyst, because though the mob has No HP on the last limb, they become invulnerable, pop all of their skills and their shield constantly builds towards full. It happened last night, and it happened again this morning (around 10AM CST). Last night, we were able to finally defeat the Gantulyst because we basically had to begin the last limb fight over again (even though I don't know how that happened), but the mission said that we failed after defeating it. This morning, the Gantulyst had 0 HP on the last limb, when his shield starting building back up, while he became invulnerable to all types of damage, and he started using all his skills at once. It was really weird, because he kept spawning the yellow beams from the ground constantly. By the time he just disappeared, he'd wiped out half our group with no revives because of the yellow beams. I honestly don't know what happened, but could y'all please look into this? I want to be able to finish this mission for the weekly, and I don't think I'm alone.

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I also got this bug plus a little extra. before my team and i got to the hydrolyst (gantulyst) self damage wasnt working on my health (i was chroma). so i effectively was rendered useless as all damage to my health stopped entirely for some reason aside from my shields. my health seemed to be fixed at 600hp for some reason (should be at 800) and my abilities were rendered useless. on the hydrolyst my team and i got him down to the last stage to just shoot him. well he got stuck on a tree and threw his shields up and became 100% invulnerable to our damage from amps or weapons until his shields built to 100% at a snails pace. while yes we did capture him we managed to be 3min over the mark where it would be day...and it was still night in the plains for some reason. we also got a "Mission failed" but nightwave still counted the take down....tho our lures vanished without a trace of even leaving rewards. we all looked in our rewards menu and we had an articula (or a mystery item, im assume its an articula) and the other standard rewards from doing the tridolon fight as if we did infact get the rewards...then we extracted and the rewards changed entirely. we only got 1 arcane for some reason, we only got the riven transmuters and 5 standard eidolon shards and none of the other rewards. as far as i know i am the only one in my team to report this as they dont care but i really do. 

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