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Zealots spawn right on top of our warframe


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happened everytime I saw them today (solo missions). Spawn on player + instant aggro. I don't even see their red waypoint before being shot. And rather dead if i'm not running Rhino. Which I don't intend to do for the next 4 weeks.

I liked the IFF before the faction "fix", it was coherent and cut us some slack. Maybe the issue, if they cleared whole missions, was that they hit too hard for the mission level? Crossfire auto completing aren't an issue, nor Sentients on Lua, why should those guys behave incoherently and attack just us? 


Edit: I've spawned one more pair in a bigger room while doing a mobile defense, they apparently just spawn in the same room where you are: this time they spawned on a balcony over me.
But today I was looting containers in confined rooms most of the time, in search of rare container for mantis on grineer ship tiles, so they spawned right on me, generally one at the door, one behind me in the room I just cleared.

A fix to make them spawn 1 or 2 rooms farther would be appreciated so we can react on plan how to deal with them, let beginners a chance to escape too.  The "bugged" IFF was really nice because it did let options. Ignore them, escape, lure them to distract other mobs for help and tanking etc... that was nice and fun, we could feel inventive while levelling crap weapons, still had a chance to deal with them in missions above our paygrade. the small NW XP gain didn't make it gamebreaking either. Now it's just plain annoying to have them spawn in missions of a relevant or higher level for us.

I was a beginner during NW1 and the fugitives were a real PITA, never understood why fugitive would chase, bully and rekt their so called "hunters" to be honest. I had no chance to finish solo missions fit for my level with full XP when I met them pre-operator. And on the other hand they still are not a challenge for veteran players. A bit of balance would be appreciated here. 

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