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Drahk Master Permanent Disarm


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For the second time in a row at around 70-80 mins in, a Kuva Drahk Master yanks my Pox while being sucked into my Larva. This results in the Pox being stuck in mid air and unable to be picked up again. I did try pressing/holding "E" (my Use/Interact binding) both below the Pox on the ground and while jumping/aimgliding on it.

Pic of flying Pox: https://imgur.com/a/kB5OxKm

For normal missions this still sucks but at least those missions end quick. When im trying to stress test my Nidus/weapons in a Kuva survival it doesn't help that i lost my only weapon that can armor strip and give some status effects for Condition Overload. At that point I can only go so much further with just the Redeemer Prime so i just leave to not waste anymore of my time.

I did look around to see if this problem has been noted before, and it has been, as recently as May this year on the Forums and a month later on Reddit. There's also multiple posts that go way back to 2015 saying similar things.

Either this bug is a bit complicated to fix or is just lower on the Devs' To-Do list. A (seemingly) easy fix for now could just be to disable that ability for all Drahk Master variants and enable it again once they give our weapons some gravity. Before i throw away another 80 mins i think ill just wait until i see something done (hopefully) in future hotfixes.

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