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Why Is It That Excal Prime Is The Only Prime Frame That...


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...has a very slight stat difference compared to the base model?


I'm not talking about an extra polarity slot. Excal Prime has a slightly faster shield recharge rate than the regular one.


Why don't Frost and Mag Prime have a slight bonus, too?


And will getting a power boost from the cubes in Orokin tilesets be the only perk of having a Prime frame in them? What happened to the small bonuses that were supposed to be given by them to their entire team in Orokin areas?

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Prime warframes stand somewhere between endgame upgrades (where needed) and trophies to brag about.


Frames like Excal are great for beginners for a number of reasons, but he can become a little lackluster at higher levels, so that would probably be the reason for the slight buff.


Frames like Mag and Frost have been more than efficient for endgame before being made prime (If built right - especially with mag's recent buffs).


I can Imagine that if they were going to do a Volt Prime they would probably give him a small buff to put him up to this par standard for endgame.


Also, the Excal - Prime is a founder exclusive frame, so you could say it's just an extra reward for the loyalty.


I guess we'll see with what the next prime brings...


(Hoping for a Volt or a Loki - curse my underdog complex XD)

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Because a) Excal, AFAIK, was the first prime before company policy of what primes would entail was set down, b) You pay for him, c) slightly higher shield recharge is a pretty gentle buff for paying players, thus not threatening pay2win in any way at all. So we keep it.

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As far as I know and as one data miner published, formula for shield regen looks like this :

(max_shield * 0.05 + 15)*(1 + shield_recharge_mod)

This is the case, and has been the case since Open Beta I believe. We used to use shield recharge as a statistic during the old mod days, before the current card system was implemented. This has changed according to Pwnatron's data mining, and I see little reason to believe differently until solid evidence comes out showing to the contrary.

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