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Euphona Prime's Problem


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I'm a sucker for weapons like the Euphona Prime, it's fun to use, it's not an awful weapon stat wise (thought I personally think it should receive a little love), enemies ragdoll when killed with the thing, but I do have one glaring issue with the gun that makes using it a little annoying; You fire the shotgun mode by pressing the alt fire key. 

I'm unsure how much this affects PC players of Warframe but when playing with a game pad the default alt-fire key is pressing down on your right directional stick. This can make using a lot of weapons a pain with default controls and considering the lack of space to customize a controller since nearly every other button is important and, unless you have remappable back paddles, you have to stick with default controls. (While I know that I made this thread on the Euphona Prime the Panthera suffers a lot from this too having to *hold down the button to keep the saw out* which can be very awkward and almost painful)

In the case of the Euphona Prime I think an interesting solution would be to make the weapon similar to the Quatz, firing Slugs when ADS and firing Buckshot when not, maybe allowing you to toggle between which mode is firing when ADS and vice versa.


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1 hour ago, VentiGlondi said:

I think Euphona should work like Zarr, where secondary fire switches firing modes

i think ANY gun that has an alt fire should be like the Zarr 🙂

@OP, yeah i can really see it as a pain for controllers, especially as i also play on the switch at times. As for the idea of using the quarts mechanic,,,,,Id rather have the toggle option. I for one HATE the quartz mechanic (all parts of it, not just the ADS changing firing modes), reason being is I tend to ADS on EVERY gun, its rare for me to hipfire anything nowadays,

Now, i WOULD be fine with Altfire toggle when ADS, but that is about it.

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