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Broken nightwave recovery challenges


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I am rank 17 in emmesary nightwave and have missed a few weeks worth of challenges. At first I was able to recover and complete 3 out of the many challenges I missed, but now after having completed every single daily and weekly challenge I keep only recovering those 3 challenges I already completed and I can't do them because they are already completed. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. I can not recover any other challenge I missed even though there are many I should be able to do given my low level and the fact that there is only 3 weeks left in nightwave. If this bug is not fixed and I can not recover and do the challenges I missed, it will be impossible for me to reach rank 30. The 3 challenges the game keeps recovering for me is "Protector" "Operative" and "Invader", they are all complete. 

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  • Fixes towards Nightwave Act progress sometimes resetting/tracking incorrectly when completing a mission.
  • Fixed previous Acts being visually marked as ‘Complete’ if the same Act was complete in Series 1. These Acts were also counting towards the 3 Recovered Acts, which prevented other eligible Recovered Acts if you had 3 of these affected Recovered Acts.


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