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What happened with Ash recently?



It could just be me overlooking something, but lately when  I started using Ash prime again,  I noticed something different about smoke screen. Did something happen to it recently, because I remember having ridiculously long duration with smokescreen if you threw on primed continuity and Narrow minded, now its around 20 seconds with both mods stacked. Did something happen?

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8 minutes ago, Lutesque said:

I thought they buffed the Augment For Smoke Screen....

In any case as far as I know Ash has always had the shortesr base duration out of all the invisibility Skills....

Yeah base duration wise, it lasted alot longer before with the aforementioned mods, but now its stuck at 20 with both now. It makes me think something changed. Also I don't use any other augment other than seeking shuriken.

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