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why does my warframe have some infested thing on it?


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He could be infected from nidus (if you played with any in a random squad)

You have 2 options:

1- after one week when its fully grown up (the pink worm), go to the left room in your lower deck on the ship and remove it

2- after one week when its fully grown up (the pink worm), you can breed a companion (that's the only way to do it)

PS: once infected, your other frames may be infected also, so option 1 is the best solutions for all the remaining frames once you have breed your companion

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Since other post are incomplet :

Why :
1 - you played with a Nidus in your squad
2 - You played with any other frame who was already "infected"

After that (and waiting 7 real days) you have 2 options :
1 - You can cure it for ever (on the actual frame) while sitting in the chair in the left room in orbiter , but i suggest option 2 atleast once before.
2 - You can incubate a Charger Helminth (infested themed kubrow with own mastery) , while incubating a kubrow egg , a third option will pop "drain the kyste" but only if fully grow.

As i've said option 2 will only "drain" the kyste , not remove it , so if you want an another charger helminth (or cure it) you need to wait again for it to grow.

Note 1 : It don't have any negative (or positive) effect on your frame, it's only visual so don't worry.
Note 2 : an "old" chargeur helminth skin is avalaible in the market for something like 10.000 credit.
Note 3 : Without a kyste (or without Nidus frame equiped) , the left door will stay locked , it's useless but since i don't like the idea to not have fully acces to my orbiter, i keep it on my frost even if it's a bit ugly.
Note 4 :  Despite something i've read above , you CAN'T infect other frames you own yourself (since you can't equip 2 frame in the same time), it mean if your frame A have a kyste and you want a kyste on frame B , you NEED to play with a nidus (or infected frame in squad) with you frame B for get it.

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