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In a lot of workshop posts I see examples of the warframes being posed far more interestingly than the simple T-Pose.

However, the Tennogen Resource guide only provides .OBJ files, and no rigged meshes.

Is there some feature in the Tennogen application that allows Warframes to be posed or do I need to manually rig one? I'd very much like to show off my submission with more than just a static stance, and because I want to show it on multiple warframes.


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I personnaly made a universal rig (beacause all warframe use the same), do my pose and make a rapid skinning just for that pose.
This take a bit of time, but I think this is the only thing to do as they don't provide the rigged warframe.

Also, if you work on a warframe another artist already worked on, you may try asking for the rig they made (if they don't use the same method as me).

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