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General post II(simuacrum, animal in codex and etc)


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1. Why, after scanning, animals are not displayed in the codex (except for the virmink). Virminkk and fish are displayed, but, for example,plains kuaka, condroc - no. Why?

2. Why are not available in the simulacrum: the Profit-Taker Orb, the sphere of profit-taker, the usual raknoid and the tusk thumpers? I see no reason not to make it possible to use them there, because I have already scanned them and they are displayed in the codex, but are not available in the simulacrum. By approximate dimensions, the Profit-Taker Orb fits perfectly into the simulacrum, and if it does fit, the extractor will fit exactly (including the usual raknoid). Maybe you say, "You just have to kill them." Not! This does not work. I was already killing the thumper, but he never appeared in the simulacrum. The same is true with the sphere of exploitation.

3. Why in the system "Focus" function "Increase"? Now I have it 12/12. I do not understand what it is increasing.

4. How does a forum thread get into the archive? The archive contains topics that have already been answered or how?

5. Why is the Profit-Taker Orb constantly walking near the temple of profit? She should be on Deck 12. Or is this what was intended?

6. Why don't I put a glyph on the site, like in a game?

7. What orders does Bell Tusk appear on? Why, having activated the last order on the plains, did I never meet a Tusk Doma thumer?? i'm waited all day, but he never showed up. How?

8. How do you farm 40,000 focus? For some reason, I have a maximum of 1,000 farms, and then a volt, and then on the massacre.

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Sphere of exploitation 😎

Number 3 is the focus pool. Each ability (way) of the focus school costs points to enable (the number under the name of the ability (way)). The abilities (ways) cost more as you rank them up. You can only have abilities enabled if you have enough space left in the pool.

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