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Simple addition to get old voidkey system back


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Currently in order to get a prime part we want, we'll have to get multiples of the same relic and pray RNG is merciful today. Extended mission type Voidkey allowed us to get the item we want reliably (though the mission could take 1h or more to get the drop), while regular mission type voidkeys required the same level of grind we have now.

Now for the suggestion: New tier of Relic refinement. I'll call it "Gate relic"

Any relic can be turned into a gate relic, which when used and is only usable in a endless fissure mission, will allow a player to get parts from that relic untill the mission ends or when they change it on the relic picking screen. Given as it makes getting the part you want simpler the cost of making a gate relic, would have to be higher than just adding more void traces. I'm not gonna suggest what price would be reasonable for a relic that has infinit charges in one misssion


Little bit about how it is used exactly if I wasn't clear on my description above.

Pick fissure mission of an endless type. Survival, defence, excavation.... Pick your poison.

Choose a relic to be consumed or a gate relic

Now when we reach the "pick new relic" screen in our mission, everything will be as it is currently, but if you used a gate relic for your current reward, it will be set as the relic you will enter the next rotation. Or pick a new relic consuming your current gate relic. 

This would allowe people to do a endless runs on one relic if they choose to or even switch them out during one run, or use regular relics for the first 2 drops and then switch to a gate relic and vise versa.


Now problem points that need to be considered when looking for a price for a gate relic:

4 player gate relic run.

Any relic can be turned into a gate relic.


I won't deny that this is extremely powerful, this is why I won't make suggestions on the requirements of refining a relic into a gate relic., but with this little addition, we would have a reason to do endless runs longer than "I ran out of Axi A3, bye"


PS: If someone has already suggested this sort of an idea, then this was a waste of time. 

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DE didn't like keys for that very reason. One key, a mountain of rewards with easy cheese builds. But it was still hours in a single mission. Awful.

The key system is dead and that fight was years ago. Endless relic missions still reward relics to continue the endless with better resources boosts than the old system.


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DE were never happy with Void Keys having tons of rewards for single use. They killed and buried keys into very depths of hell.

Your idea to use a single relic for - god knows how long - runs is still broken as keys were. DE surely won't add it into the game.

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The only simple addition I want to see, is for a squad to be able to do a relic mission together, and even if you dont bring a relic you can still pick a reward. Sure, dont allow match making for teams that have a player lacking a relic, thats fine, just let me taxi my clan mates to relic missions and help them get some goodies.

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