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PS4 Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.6.0


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Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.6.0


Reborn in flame, Wukong finds enlightenment in the Wukong Samadhi Collection! Wield Wukong’s awe-inspiring power on your own journey today. 

From the cauldron's flame emerges the immortal Wukong Samadhi.

Wukong Samadhi's signature Helmet.

Wukong Samadhi's signature Whip Skin.

Wukong Samadhi's signature Syandana.

A collection of immortal Wukong items, including Wukong Samadhi Skin, Meteor Whip Skin, and the Subhuti Syandana.

*The Wukong Samadhi Collection also includes the Wukong Samadhi Iron Staff Skin that can only be applied to Wukong’s Iron Staff!


Wield Wukong’s awe-inspiring power on your own journey today!



Tekelu. Weaponsmiths of the highest caliber. This school of master craftsmen delivered a single coveted collection more than three years ago. This time, they’ve brought two.


Tekelu Collection II:

  • Akstiletto Tekelu Skin
  • Glaive Tekelu Skin
  • Nikana Tekelu Skin
  • Panthera Tekelu Skin
  • Redeemer Tekelu Skin


Tekelu Collection III:

  • Magnus and Akmagnus Tekelu Skins
  • Vasto and Akvasto Tekelu Skins
  • Baza Tekelu Skin
  • Gunsen Tekelu Skin
  • Stradavar Tekelu Skin

Visit the in-game Market to pick up these two intricate Weapon Skins bundles crafted by some of the finest hands in the Origin System.


Essential Glyphs Bundle:

A few months ago, we replaced the Random Mod Packs with Tenno-friendly Essential Mod Bundles designed to make these purchases clear and fair. Each Bundle came with an amazing design, and our lovely Tenno wanted these designs as in-game Glyphs. We agree! Now you can purchase the Essential Glyphs Bundle and equip these six powerful designs:

  • Essential Cold Glyph
  • Essential Critical Glyph
  • Essential Damage Glyph
  • Essential Electricity Glyph
  • Essential Heat Glyph
  • Essential Toxin Glyph


  • Added the ability to view a list of items you own that a Riven fits into. This way you can know which stats you want, without having to flip-flop between the Arsenal to check.535ad7b7ae2e8f4998e41dd2ed281490.PNG
  • New Wukong Samadhi Glyph and Wukong Samadhi In Action Glyphs are available under the Profile > Glyph section for Platinum!
  • Added Ember, Loki, Rhino, and Ash’s Ability videos to their Arsenal diorama.
  • Themed Loadout Screens are here! This Arsenal screen has been completely redone to give you as much information about each loadout as possible on a single screen, while also providing new features like custom icons using any Glyph you own! We’ve gone from a single list with information only on hover to a complete presentation of all your Loadouts with the ability to favourite and more!

Augment Changes and Fixes:

Added numerous Warframe Ability Augment stats to the Ability Screen. We debuted this with Wukong’s rework, and you will now be able to directly see the Stat changes associated with Augments on the Abilities!

Reworked the following Augments:
If you checked out the linked Dev Workshop – you’ll know a bit of the method behind these small tweaks. We’re just pushing a bunch of Augments into a stronger direction. Please be aware this isn’t reflective of the entire thought process behind Augments overall (i.e some lesser use ones haven’t been buffed). While many responses to this have been to ‘simply add an Augment slot’, that is a way bigger conversation and choice beyond the micro-changes here.

Hysterical Assault - Hysteria Augment - Valkyr

  • Let invulnerability linger for half a second when aiming to prevent getting downed immediately in high-damage areas.
  • Increased Range.

Rising Storm - Blade Storm Augment - Ash

  • Attacks by clones will raise the combo counter.
  • Include a passive benefit to extend the combo counter by a duration.

Titanic Rumbler - Rumblers Augment - Atlas

  • Increase to damage and speed.
  • Re-triggering the power will activate the taunt, as well as cause a knockdown effect.

Hallowed Eruption - Hallowed Ground Augment - Oberon

  • Additional passive ability that adds 100% to Hallowed Ground duration.
  • Always applies radiation status on detonation.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Eruption Augment causing a mid-air hovering casting animation.

Furious Javelin - Radial Javelin Augment - Excalibur

  • Increase duration and damage on the buff.

Tidal Impunity - Tidal Surge - Hydroid

  • Increase the duration of the immunity buff.

Magnetized Discharge - Magnetize Augment - Mag

  • Include a passive benefit that increases power range for this Ability only.

Muzzle Flash - Shooting Gallery Augment - Mesa

  • For kills made by a player (self or ally) with Shooting Gallery activated, generate a blinding AoE when threshold is met.

Explosive Legerdemain - Sleight of Hand Augment - Mirage

  • Increase damage and status chance when triggered.

Total Eclipse - Eclipse Augment - Mirage

  • Increase range on the buff to other players.

Piercing Roar - Roar Augment - Rhino

  • Allow Roar to be recast when equipped.
  • Increase debuff duration based on equipped Mods.
  • Generate a stagger effect on enemies when the Roar hits.

Contagion Cloud - Toxic Lash Augment - Saryn

  • Allow buff to activate when enemy is killed by damage over time effects.
  • General increase on range and damage.

Transistor Shield - Electric Shield Augment - Volt

  • No additional energy drain when a shield is picked up by another player.
  • Increase damage conversion %.

Target Fixation - Tail Wind Augment - Zephyr

  • Remove buff after 2 seconds of being on the ground, instead of immediately.
  • Damage increase per target hit.

Fireball Frenzy - Fireball Augment - Ember
Freeze Force - Freeze Augment - Frost
Smite Infusion - Smite Augment - Oberon
Venom Dose - Spores Augment - Saryn
Shock Trooper - Shock Augment - Volt

  • Holding the casting button will send out a wave (much like similar, expanding Warframe Abilities) giving the elemental buff to every player it touches, including the caster.

Sonic Fracture - Sonic Boom Augment - Banshee

  • Armor Reduction is applied even if Ragdoll fails.

Smoke Shadow - Smoke Screen Augment - Ash

  • Increased Range.

Piercing Navigator - Navigator Augment - Ivara

  • Added 3m Punch Through to Projectile.

Color Picker Changes:

  • You can now view your Palettes in a redesigned screen that allows for more convenient browsing of your options. The old single-column design took a long time to scroll, and the new two-column cleaner design is much more streamlined.
  • Random color now chooses across multiple palettes!
  • Any Legacy colors cannot be saved as favourite - this is to fix a bug that would prevent any and all customization saving.
  • Added 5 new ‘Favourite’ Color slots!
  • Added new ‘drag’ functionality to the Favourites grid so you can move color around!
  • Added focus sound to swatch grid, and select sound when toggling favorites!


  • You can now Transfer to the Operator while Fishing/Conservation.
  • Upgrading a Relic while in a Void Fissure endless mission will now ask you if you wish to equip the upgraded Relic.
  • Any summoned allied Specters in a Nightmare mission will now have a reddish distorted glow to indicate that they have turned against you and you’ve made a huge mistake in trusting them.
  • Your chosen UI Theme is now applied to the Riven reroll screen!
  • Increased Atmo Systems drop by 1 quantity (from 4 to 5) across the board for the Profit-Taker Heists rewards to slightly reduce friction in ranking up in Fortuna.
  • Matchmaking for The Sacrifice quest is now disabled once the helmet has been interacted with, to avoid having matchmaking permanently disabled if leaving the quest on the first stage.
  • Reduced chances of patrolling AI staring at a wall after reaching a dead end.
  • Replaced ‘Proc Chance’ with ‘Status Chance’ where needed (Explosive Legerdemain).
  • Updated Chroma’s Vex Armor ability description to include nearby Allies:
    • When Shields are hit, Chroma and nearby allies' Armor grows stronger, when Health takes a hit, Weapon Damage increases.
  • Increased the drop rate of the Bloodshed Sigil from 1% to 3% from the Profit-Taker.
  • Changed the Nightwave ‘Silent Eliminator’ Act to clarify its requirement. It now reads:
    • Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms.
  • Adjusted the holster position of Warfans, Polearms, Scythes and Staffs on Zephyr Prime.
  • Adjusted the Holster position of Sword and Shields on multiple Warframes so it is attached and rotated correctly.
  • Adjusted the default holster position of the Lenz Quiver so it sits closer to Warframe's backs.
  • Adjusted the Emblem offset on the Helminth Charger, Drahk Pattern, and Underbrush Pattern Kubrows to fix them disappearing completely.
  • Improved navigation markers in the Infested Corpus ship to help players navigate between floors.
  • Removed hack doors from the Razorback boss tileset.
  • Made several optimizations to the UI, script time, particle effects, shader caches, and more!

PS4 specific fixes: 

  • Fixed the Prime Details toggle not appearing for the Excalibur Obsidian skin.

Expand the spoilers below for the full list of fixes! 

  • Fixed previous Acts being visually marked as ‘Complete’ if the same Act was complete in Series 1. These Acts were also counting towards the 3 Recovered Acts, which prevented other eligible Recovered Acts if you had 3 of these affected Recovered Acts.
  • Index Fixes:    
    • Fixed scoring 30+ Index points at once resulting in a huge damage boost. Dying/Reviving would remove the damage boost.    
    • Fixed Rathuum/Index not tracking kills done by Umbra or spawned allies (Equinox Duality, etc) when the player is in Operator mode.    
    • Fixed being stuck in Spectator Mode after dying at the end of the Round as a Client and then becoming the Host.    
    • Fixed Revenant's Enthralled enemies not counting towards kills in Rathuum/Index.    
    • Fixed a second vote triggering if there are multiple players left after a Host migration.    
    • Fixed being in a broken state as a Client if the Host crashes after completing an Index wager.    
  • Fixed a crash when typing invalid text the Dojo MOTD, Room Messages, Friend Notes, “Add a Friend” screen, and Loc Pins.
  • Fixed a performance bug with Warframe’s with an Ability selector function (Ivara’s Quiver, etc.)
  • Fixed a crash when processing a HUD buff icon.
  • Fixed experiencing a functionality loss in the form of one or more weapons/Abilities not working after falling into a teleport volume while having an active Exalted weapon (Excalibur/Wukong).
  • Fixed a massive hitch when equipping the Mining Laser.
  • Fixed ability to skip Operator Amp firing cooldown with Vazarin Guardian Shell.
  • Fixed Auras on Umbra not working after using Transference.
  • Fixed the Knell forcing a reload when empty even if you got a headshot.
  • Fixed Amalgam Argonak not applying to Dagger-type Zaws.
  • Fixed inability to move properly when Titania is in Razorwing in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Bullet Jump animation no longer playing in the direction of the jump after wiping out with the K-Drive.
  • Fixed Mining nodes refreshing outside the Deck 12 entrance when entering/leaving the cave in succession, allowing for Mining exploitation.
  • Fixed inability to Mine inside Deck 12.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Eruption Augment causing a mid-air hovering casting animation.
  • Fixed placing a Domestik Drone Decoration in the air blocking the camera and causing weird collisions.
  • Fixed placing Domestik Drone decorations in the air causing them to fall through the floor.
  • Fixes toward the Amphatz Kubrow Armor clipping on more bulky Kubrows.
  • Fixes toward the Sloughi Kubrow Armor clipping on bulky Kubrows
  • Fixed the Quatz’ reload ejected clip flipping orientation when released.
  • Fixed the Quatz’ Electric Discharge sound playing twice for Clients.
  • Fixed the Quatz’ special reload damage and VFX not displaying when a Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall Of Mirrors ability causing the Quatz’ Electric Discharge sound to unintentionally play duplicate instances.
  • Fixed Armored enemies affected by Revenant's Danse Macabre continuing to take Corrosive Damage after the Armor has gone, resulting in less damage because Flesh is stronger to Corrosive than Armor is.
  • Fixed Revenant’s Danse Macabre doing Corrosive Damage to Infested.
  • Fixed not being able to perform finishers on blinded enemies from Revenant’s Enthrall that are temporary allies (mind control, etc).
  • Fixed placement issue when "duplicating" a few Decorations including the Circuits Decoration where new copy would stay red and could not be placed.
  • Fixed placing an Eidolon Teralyst Articula in just the right location in a doorway causing it to expand to its full massive size.
  • Fixed inability to color K-Drive Jets.
  • Fixed a missing water teleport volume in the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Fixed flying Drones in Vallis missing their wings.
  • Fixed Captura's 'look at character' feature not working.
  • Fixed Captura camera continuing to play even when not in free-cam mode, causing weird blur issues.
  • Fixed issue with Proton Snap showing "|TIME|" instead of duration value in non-English localizations.
  • Fixed incorrect Energy color being applied to the Synoid Heliocor’s handle.
  • Fixed several ragdolls not having limbs positioned correctly.
  • Fixed a UI lockup that could occur when using the Incubator and the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an Orb Vallis progression stopper in the ‘Investigate The Bodies’ Bounty stage due to Solaris corpses not spawning.
  • Fixes towards ability to kill flying Capture Targets (Gas City), resulting in a mission failure. 
  • Fixed a case of an inability to Rank up within a Syndicate that you’ve already Ranked up in.
  • Fixed a case of receiving an error prompt when attempting to increase a Focus pool.
  • Fixed an issue in the Focus Manager where increasing the Pool Capacity and backing out to the Operator screen, then back into the Focus manager causing all Focus Schools to show the cost of the Capacity upgrade being applied to every School instead of just the current one.
  • Fixed overlapping text in the input dialog box when there were multiple lines of description text.
  • Fixed the description for Rhino Vanguard and Thrak Helmets spelling Rhino wrong.
  • Fixes towards Nightwave Act progress sometimes resetting/tracking incorrectly when completing a mission.
  • Fixed inability to confirm numerous text box situations even though the correct words were entered in non-English clients, such as:
    • Clan MOTD
    • Dojo Room Messages
    • Friend Notes
    • Contributing Dojo Decorations
    • And possibly some other scenarios
  • Fixed Client's inability to progress the "Find X Syndicate Medallions" Riven requirement.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when attempting to purchase Riven capacity via the Riven Slot purchase pop up prompt.
  • Fixed Clients becoming stuck in the loading screen if the Host simultaneously aborts.
  • Fixes towards cases of mismatched Host/Client Dojo.
  • Fixed inability to redeploy your Archgun after mounting/dismounting your K-Drive.
  • Fixed broken functionality if the Ferrox is the only weapon equipped and you pick up Ammo while it’s been thrown.
  • Fixed new Clan members able to Research the Ignis Wraith in a Clan that does not have access to that specific Research.
  • Fixed the Ropalolyst firing lasers immediately after it’s ‘bug zapper ground flop’ cinematic ends. 
  • Fixed using the Itzal’s Fighter Escort ability while in Submersible water resulting in immediate drone destruction and the infamous ‘Abilities In Use’ issue.
  • Fixed the Zenith sometimes getting stuck only firing one semi-auto shot before reverting to auto.
  • Fixed misaligned hitboxes on the Hyena Pack enemies.
  • Fixed Allied Shield Ospreys no longer providing Shield Buffs
  • Fixed Shield Osprey Eximus Specters not shooting at anything.
  • Fixes toward Drahk enemies performing Melee attacks but not actually able to hit their target.
  • Fixed Infested Crawlers freezing in place instead of attempting to attack when being rushed at.
  • Fixed Flameblade enemy variants often missing their first attack even against a stationary player.
  • Fixed enemies being overly reluctant to shooting at Frost’s Snow Globe from a longer distance.
  • Fixed Melee Channeling toggling off when swapping to a Primary/Secondary.
  • Fixed certain charged weapons not working correctly with certain NPCs such as Executioner Harkonar and Spectres.
  • Fixed missing prompt when equipping an Echo-Lure that ‘This item will be automatically available from the Gear Menu while using the Tranq Rifle’.
  • Fixed missing wipe-out animation when crashing into an obstacle while on your K-Drive.
  • Fixed Garuda’s Arsenal Ability UI displaying Health Drain is modified by Power Efficiency.
  • Fixed missing sorting Tabs in the Mod Manager screen when a filter clears all equipped Mods.
  • Fixed inconsistent text for the Capacitance Augment Mod on Volt when looking at the Mod and in the stats page when the Mod is at Rank 0 and 2.
  • Fixed the Itzal’s Penumbra Ability resulting in a ‘ugly insta stop’ animation.
  • Fixed Prime Toggle appearing always off to other players in a Relay, Dojo, or Town.
  • Fixed missing Codex entries for the MK-1 weapons.
  • Fixed metallic looking eye textures, predominantly seen in Cetus at night.
  • Fixed the Sonicor and Opticor having an overly bright FX.
  • Fixed misaligned Certus Brace and Propa Scaffold when building an Amp.
  • Fixed the Narvarr Prime Leg Armor clipping through Nyx’s Pasithea Skin skirt.
  • Fixed the Cryona Syandana clipping through Khora.
  • Fixed misaligned Vetala Ankle Plate when equipped on Limbo Prime.
  • Fixed rocks that were suspended in mid air.
  • Fixes towards Assassinate intro boss name not being visible for Clients.
  • Fixed an NPC in the Larunda Relay losing their head entirely when approached.
  • Fixed wingless Drones in Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed a case of Kuva Clouds spawning right beside the Kuva Siphon in the Gas City tileset, resulting in the mission being difficult to complete as the Kuva Cloud gets almost immediately sucked up.
  • Fixed a Crate clipping into the wall on the Lua Spy tileset.
  • Fixed an unreachable Crate in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
  • Fixed broken textures in the Grineer Shipyards tileset which lead to everything appearing shiny and gold.
  • Fixed clipping doors in the Lua Sabotage tileset.
  • Fixed Grineer Sealab water appearing in other tilesets.
  • Fixed missing collision in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.
  • Fixed script error in Sanctuary Researcher Nightwave Act script.
  • Fixed teleport script trigger and a blocking volume sticking through an elevator ceiling.
  • Fixed being unable to sprint in Archwing if the player is mid Slide and then launches the Archwing while still holding Slide.
  • Fixed collision issues with Nyx’s Hecaton Shotgun skin.
  • Fixed issues with Ephemeras not disappearing when the wearer is gone (i.e in and out of Operator).
  • Fixed an FX leak on the Spore Ephemera.
  • Fixed issues on Grineer Shipyards Defense where Ancients could get stuck.


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DE can we fix the field of view? It’s making me sick of how close I am to my character, I’m not sure this was intended but I hate it and I cannot play anymore without getting a terrible migraine. I’m too close and I can’t see my fashion frame. Everything is too big, and I’m bothered. My head hurts just looking at the game. I’ve been playing for 5 years and never seen this happen.

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I don't mean this to come off as rude, but - when will we actually hear what the plan of "Curated TennoGen" will be like?

Round 17 deadline is coming up for PC, and.. What we really need on console is some of those Operator TennoGens - still waiting for the Aures parts from R15/16

I 100% get that it's more complicated given you've to buy the rights to sell on console, but.. Can we at least hear what your curation idea is?

Maybe we don't need the 20th Excalibur and Mesa item as priority #1 is all I'm saying

Also, PLEASE - fix this issue...


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Fixed an issue where the proximity channeling toggle would be turned off when switching to a primary or secondary weapon.

Fixed an issue where one or more weapons / abilities would lose functionality after falling into teleport volume while holding an active Exalted weapon (Excalibur / Wukong).

I was waiting for these fixes, but I confirmed that they were not fixed correctly

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23 minutes ago, (PS4)SoulfulVulpixus said:

DE can we fix the field of view? It’s making me sick of how close I am to my character, I’m not sure this was intended but I hate it and I cannot play anymore without getting a terrible migraine. I’m too close and I can’t see my fashion frame. Everything is too big, and I’m bothered. My head hurts just looking at the game. I’ve been playing for 5 years and never seen this happen.

You can change the fov. Do /fov (any number)

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Can I suggest a really simple UI QOL thing that seems to keep being overlooked? Whilst I love the new Loadout selection screen, please can it be changed to view on hover and single click to select, since at the moment it’s the not so console friendly double tab X to equip.

While you’re at it, could this also be changed for the Arcane selection screen and the Operator cosmetics screen, which were never caught and fixed the first time around. And also, the sliders on Operator customisation still don’t work properly, and haven’t for about a year now.

Thanks though DE, everything else is pretty good!

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I decided to forma my Ember again and try out the changes to Fireball Frenzy. I'm actually enjoying that greatly. 

The reason I'm here, however, is that my Flash Accelerant buff is now saying that it's providing Armor Reduction on enemies. I assume that's a mistake, but my fingers are still crossed that part of an upcoming rework.

Also, I haven't gotten around to testing it yet. Do the buffs from Flash Accelerant and Fireball Frenzy stack?

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For someone whos put a lot of hours into this game, the little tweaks like the new loadout screen means more to me than a HUGE update. Id like to have the abilty to click n drag the loadouts to rearrange the order but its still a wonderful improvement. Nice job!

Can u do something about leveling up in syndicates? Remembering to change sigils on multiple frames is a pain.


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I leave Warframe because of the cursor 😥

I've requested you to remove the cursor, but you just ignore me (ignore us.)

PlayStation has ↑→↓← and △◯✕▢, that work good enough (and also Xbox, I guess.)

I know you want to standardize the UI throughout all the platforms, but this is too one-sided 😢


Hey there, give me LIKE💜 if you agree with me and you want the cursor to be got rid of.

And give me Woah😮 if you disagree with me and you are pleased with this cursor. 

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On 2019-08-21 at 2:31 AM, (PS4)TX_CHAINSAW_81 said:

For someone whos put a lot of hours into this game, the little tweaks like the new loadout screen means more to me than a HUGE update. Id like to have the abilty to click n drag the loadouts to rearrange the order but its still a wonderful improvement. Nice job!

Can u do something about leveling up in syndicates? Remembering to change sigils on multiple frames is a pain.


I move my sigils and leave them on named loadouts. Before it was all characters had the same syndicate sigil. Now I can have different syndicate sigils on different character loadouts. So when farming focus/syndicate rep My specific character loadouts I have the name of the syndicate sigil that’s on that character so I don’t forget. Idk how many loadout slots you’ve got but my tridolon, mr leveling, speed run loadouts I add the syndicate name so I know that’s the loadout I want to use to farm for that syndicate. Most likely you’ll be using the same frames for syndicate leveling. Well, hope that helps.  

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